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Boone Spaulding
In : Psychological, Short Story 16 reviews
Recently widowed husband discovers his wife's secret sex life.
Matt Attack
In : Magical Realism, Short Story 15 reviews
This entry has been removed. Got everything I need. Thanks for looking though.
Nick Wilczynski
In : Magical Realism, Short Story 10 reviews
2,408 words. A character is followed by a demon only they can see.
In : Short Story, Surprise Me 9 reviews
My WAR story. About 1,350 words.
In : Literary, Short Story 4 reviews
This is my WAR submission. Prompt: After a car wreck, a character sees visoins.
In : Short Story, Surprise Me 9 reviews
My War round one entry from the prompt: Character A’s spouse dies. At the funeral, the dead spouse’s secret lover appears.(2,300)
In : Flash Fiction, Noir 10 reviews
A car accident brings up unhealed wounds for a police officer.
Michael Thomas
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 4 reviews
This is an updated version of my WAR story. Prompt: The storm was worse than the character realized.
Bill Tucker
In : Short Story, Suspense 2 reviews
This is the final version of the rough I submitted last week. If you read the rough, this is has a different slant to it. A poll will be going up soon so all ya'll can vote for the victor.
In : Short Story, Slipstream 15 reviews
No more reviews are needed on this submission.
In : Novella, Sci-fi 7 reviews
Literary Sci-Fi about a dystopian society - centered about a city that is protected by millions of migrating birds that can communicate through a choosen man, the Cleric, who must find a missing child
D.j. Stafford
In : Psychological, Short Story 8 reviews
A man laments his life and the effects of Alzheimer's while also embracing the inevitability of death. 3,400 words.
In : Noir, Short Story 7 reviews
This story is complete. Thank you all for the help.
In : Literary, Short Story 7 reviews
Two girls want to join a sororiety which is more of a evil girl gang, and some interesting things happen. It's about friendships, and hatreds.
In : Horror, Short Story 10 reviews
A happy couple meets a strange person at a mutual friend's party and soon after a heavy strain is put on their relationship.
In : Magical Realism, Novella 5 reviews
On the run from murderous gangsters, a time-traveling woman and a man with the abiltiy to manipulate gravity reflect on their relationship and their future together. Aprox. 10,105 words.
avery of the dead
In : Literary, Short Story 8 reviews
Prompt: a post-apocalyptic love story. It's short! 1300 Words
Flaminia Ferina
In : Short Story, Slipstream 7 reviews
Two feline mobsters with an animal they shouldn't have killed. About 2300 words.
Grigori Black
In : Flash Fiction, Surprise Me 5 reviews
A woman finds herself in an unusual position when everything goes wrong all at once.
Grigori Black
In : Flash Fiction, Noir 3 reviews
Not your ordinary bar fight.
Matt Attack
In : Flash Fiction, Literary 6 reviews
This entry has been removed. Got everything I need. Thanks for looking though.
Bill Tucker
In : Short Story, Thriller 2 reviews
A disgraced detective finds a new case in the strangest of places. And yes, it's supposed to be cliche as all hell.
In : Essay, Subversive 8 reviews
An essay I wrote a few years ago when I was in college. It's about a college kid being in school for all the wrong reasons. Funny enough for a re-write?
Doug Kissack
In : Cyberpunk, Flash Fiction 6 reviews
Dystopian cyberpunk, exploring some of the common themes of the science fiction genre.
In : Horror, Short Story 4 reviews
A game called "victims", Hotel California, and a little bit of torture... My War Round 2 Story (2,300)