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In : Novella, Sci-fi 2 reviews
Enceladus. A barren wasteland home to a civilization known as The Angbroda. Follow the tale of their little Queen who is trying to find her own place in this strange new world.
In : Literary, Short Story 3 reviews
17 non-linear funny, little conversations loosely connected through the voice of a male narrator who is constantly entralled by the power of pretty girls. 6,700 words (just the first 6 snipits).
Matt Attack
In : Flash Fiction, Literary 12 reviews
This entry has been removed. Got everything I need. Thanks for looking though.
In : Fantastic, Short Story 9 reviews
A uniquely cursed, uniquely gifted young man must fight an internal battle in the hopes of preserving the only good thing in his life.
In : Literary, Short Story 5 reviews
Revision of the first story I posted a few weeks ago. Red-neck wedding, complete with a pregnant bride, Elvis, and slutty bitches, but makes narrator take a look at her own life.
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 13 reviews
Famed psychiatrist renders himself into the collective unconscioius twice.
Tyler Hansen
In : Horror, Short Story 18 reviews
The testimonial of a possessed man who can't get more than a few words in without the demon inside of him putting in its two cents.
In : Horror, Short Story 28 reviews
No more reviews are needed on this submission.
In : Literary, Short Story 6 reviews
This is a short literary fiction story, about 2,600 words.
In : Realism, Short Story 4 reviews
A short story about a 13-year old Chinese-American boy; part of a collection of stories set at a middle school. Hopefully funny!
Typewriter Demigod
In : Novella, Transgressive 13 reviews
The unnamed protagonist is either a vampire or a cannibal. He also is a violinist, and has lots of sex! 1500 words
In : Narrative non-fiction, Novel Excerpt 10 reviews
A woman begins to question the meaning and purpose of her life, as she tries to find the reasons for her unhappiness, and she stumbles upon an aspect of herself that existed all along.
Jose F. Diaz
In : Fantasy, Novel Excerpt 6 reviews
Prince Inveigle is given an ultimatum and must find a way to make it happen as well as keep himself happy. First ten pages of a novel in progress. Only 2,700 words.
In : Absurdist, Speed Writing 6 reviews
This is the first thing I've ever written. I would love to hear some feedback.
In : Psychological, Short Story 6 reviews
A story about two lost souls in a big city... kinda.
In : Magical Realism, Short Story 7 reviews
Two disgraced professors look to restore their name by solving the case of a disappearing landfill and proving to the world that magic is real. (5,200 words)
Ashley Sevier
In : Literary, Short Story 6 reviews
A young woman abused and/or misunderstood by her loved ones finds love in an unlikely friend.
Matt Attack
In : Magical Realism, Short Story 16 reviews
This entry has been removed. Got everything I need. Thanks for looking though.
Stacy Kear
In : Psychological, Short Story 13 reviews
A girl convinces her boyfriend to dress in drag and loses her grip on reality.
In : Short Story, Surprise Me 6 reviews
After being caught with the law for possession of marijuana, a vietnamese american teenage male dancer has to deal with the disappointment of his parents and the isolation from his friends.
Christopher Jar...
In : Adventure, Novel Excerpt 3 reviews
A strange dream that starts off an adventure of angry drunkenness across country.
Bill Tucker
In : Short Story, Thriller 4 reviews
The prompt was: A man with no name. A broken wrist watch. A stranger. A road This sucker skates under the limit at 2467 words. Hit me with your best shot, Pat Benatar style!
In : Short Story, Subversive 5 reviews
Prompt: A baby's first birthday. Somewhere under 2000 words. Assassins.
In : Psychological, Short Story 8 reviews
Thunderdome prompt: baby's first birthday. Picture suburbia via Dante's Inferno.
In : Horror, Short Story 9 reviews
First submission to the site! A story I wrote a couple of years ago that I'm considering giving a bit of a polish to. Genre-wise I guess it's verging on comic horror?