David Buglass
In: Flash Fiction 7 reviews
Its basically taking a little irritation of working in retail and running with it to a horrible degree.
Lady Hazmat
In: Flash Fiction 8 reviews
650 words about a psychiatrist on a mission to rid the world of mental illness.
In: Short Story 1 reviews
Set in Boston during the Week of the Marathon Bombing; a factory worker who experiences a traumatic personal event puts into question his existence and tries to find purpose.
In: Novel Excerpt 4 reviews
This is the opening paragraph of my novel. It's an offbeat tragic love story told through a narrator writing to his estranged child.
In: Novella 2 reviews
A starlet's husband pretends to be A-okay, after she becomes pregnant by a cage fighter and asks for a quickie divorce, but begins to plan a homicidal/suicidal spectacular at her baby shower.
In: Short Story 9 reviews
A man's desire for reflection at the end of his life and what it costs him.
In: Flash Fiction 6 reviews
Playing with structure and character development (inspired by T.C. Boyle's "The Hit-Man")
Strange Photon
In: Poem 6 reviews
This is a group of five poems I'm refining, to eventually choose up to three which I will submit for a poetry exhibition/contest. Each is under a page long, so an easy way to earn review points.
Liam Meilleur
In: Short Story 7 reviews
No More Reviews Needed. Thanks!
Andrea Gatopoulos
In: Short Story 2 reviews
Billy was born different from the others, everyone mocks and makes fun of him. But all by himself he will manage to find the place to be in the world.
Matt Tyler Zbrog
In: Short Story 3 reviews
RELATIVES is a ~5,000 word short story. An old rock star is hospitalized for an incident of bizarre, violent behavior. The rock star's estranged son and daughter-in-law must decide treatment.
In: Flash Fiction 7 reviews
John makes jerky.
In: Novel Excerpt 2 reviews
After learning of his wife’s third pregnancy, a failing horror writer Owen St. Croix hallucinates a trio of crows have become his mentors and that he is destined to write the horror of the century.
K. C. Kimbril
In: Short Story 5 reviews
A Tarot card reader, burdened by the guilt of her clients, is given a choice that would mean changing her identity.
Jane Wiseman
In: Short Story 3 reviews
A quick trip through the life of a woman who wants nothing more than a new refrigerator.
In: Short Story 3 reviews
When a website moderator learns that a site subscriber lives in his city, he starts visiting her home.
In: Short Story 6 reviews
A black comedy about the opportunity to live out your childhood dreams.
In: Novel Excerpt 7 reviews
No more reviews are needed on this submission.
Mckay Williams
In: Flash Fiction 11 reviews
The narrator reflects on the final moments of a relationship.
In: Essay 1 reviews
Sally and Dave are working out the boundaries of their relationship while discussing how the internet blossomed into the growing network it is today.
In: Essay 2 reviews
A macroeconomics paper written by me that my professor said was beyond the scope for his intro class that I wrote after watching two seasons of the Walking Dead non-stop.
Strange Photon
In: Short Story 5 reviews
It's a strange and terrifying business, sometimes, answering a knock at the door.
Jane Wiseman
In: Short Story 7 reviews
This is the internal dialogue of a woman who is about to have a baby and flashes back to an unfortunate early experience in her life.
In: Short Story 5 reviews
I wrote this story about a year and a half ago. I was sitting, bored in math class, reading advertisments for Black Friday sales and this story came about.
In: Short Story 4 reviews
Prompt, "Stop touching that." I'm hoping that in this version people's relationships are obvious by the end of the story, I tried to make it plan as could be.