Phil Zona
In: Short Story 5 reviews
Neat freak obsesses over cleaning up the mess his ex made when she left him.
In: Short Story 6 reviews
World War II Short Story
In: Short Story 5 reviews
A disturbing contrast between childhood and this horrible irreversible disease we call growing up.
Kacie Cunningham
In: Short Story 6 reviews
Julie escapes and decides to abort the baby.
In: Short Story 11 reviews
An intimate view into the world of a Voyeur.
A Ghost of Myself
In: Short Story 7 reviews
A writer cursed with ‘Sanity’.
In: Flash Fiction 4 reviews
Two sub-500 word microstories, both relating to situations and feelings of paranoia and isolation.
In: Flash Fiction 6 reviews
A journey through the corridors of chameleons, which can become the labyrinths, of the inner mind.
Joe P
In: Novella 2 reviews
After Pete's schizophrenic friend dies, he starts to suffer from all of delusions and paranoia his friend experienced in life.
Joe P
In: Novella 5 reviews
A schizophrenic self-medicates by huffing melted lithium batteries and hears voices. That's normal enough for a schizo, until his friend starts hearing the voices too.
Jo Beckford
In: Flash Fiction 6 reviews
A psychological mystery piece in which a printing press operator is threatened by an unseen force.
Aud Fontaine
In: Short Story 4 reviews
A short story in which a still very dead Kurt Cobain helps someone cope with depression.
Holly Bella Toschi
In: Short Story 5 reviews
Short story, fiction, narrative
In: Flash Fiction 8 reviews
A wanderer hunts for the clues that'll help him find God's signature amid the mess of the world.
In: Short Story 5 reviews
A revenge story where a 12 year old learns a hard lesson.
Sarah Metts
In: Short Story 5 reviews
A state appointed vet is checking up on a dog reported to have bitten someone. There is the question of rabies, and his sentiments are up against the iron will of an old woman.
In: Flash Fiction 10 reviews
A man's first experience with a psychedelic drug known as Switch.
Harbinger of Ne...
In: Short Story 7 reviews
This is about you. Not me. Don't shoot the messenger.
Dave Cummins
In: Flash Fiction 7 reviews
A man wakes in the woods covered in blood and can't remember how he got there.
In: Short Story 10 reviews
Very short piece depicting how a fetish can control and dominate lives. What wouldn't you do for somebody you loved?
Chris D.
In: Short Story 7 reviews
A government agent dedicated to monitoring and shaping culture frets over his hero, the first person to realize clothing can be made into outfits, which in turn influence our behavior.
In: Novel Excerpt 6 reviews
A 21 year old girl has an affair with a street.
In: Short Story 5 reviews
If hell is other people, what does that say about public transportation?
In: Short Story 2 reviews
Meet our narrator: He's living the dream in New York City. Fancy job, great apartment, super friends. The cracking sound is just someone eating sunflower seeds.
Lady Hazmat
In: Short Story 8 reviews
A revised version of my story about a psychiatrist on a mission to rid the world of mental illness.