In: Flash Fiction 10 reviews
A strong woman helps a man through a crisis of faith 1000 words
In: Short Story 4 reviews
Eliza is pushed by her work friend to hook up with her son. When they all go to visit a fancy old house, Eliza seems to see through a window in time and has a realization.
In: Short Story 5 reviews
A boy with downs syndrome struggles to fit in at a mainstream school only to find his biggest obstacle is at home.
In: Novel Excerpt 3 reviews
"O Jesus" is the first chapter of a 42 chaptered novel. It sets the stage for the type of protagonist you're dealing with. It gives a hint of what his ambitions for his sons might be
In: Short Story 6 reviews
Struggling with his inability to control the fates of his girlfriend and their baby, Derek comes to see that he can do right by his loved ones through defeating his addictions and using death to live.
Tyler Brouwer
In: Short Story 5 reviews
Short about a woman who loses someone she didn't think she loved until he was gone.
Anthony David J...
In: Short Story 6 reviews
Short story about a depressed man reluctantly vacationing in the Caribbean.
Alex DeBonis
In: Short Story 10 reviews
Early 80s adolescents in a car are up to some stupid.
In: Short Story 9 reviews
A story about the father/daughter relationship about a slutty daugther and the dad who just can't accept what she's become. Inspired by my teen past and Top Gear, because there's a car involved.
In: Short Story 4 reviews
A depressing short story about life falling out of control. 2,475 words.
In: Short Story 3 reviews
A soldier flees past enemy lines and finds safe harbor in the care of an old man.