In: Short Story 5 reviews
An action scene. Hostage rescue.
In: Short Story 2 reviews
A tribal mans wife begins to go into labor in their canoe in the middle of the bay. He hauls her back to the shore where something more sinister than the shark that just bumped him awaits
In: Short Story 4 reviews
Episode 2: The Odd Visitors. Continuation of Wester's story.
In: Short Story 7 reviews
After waking up to a roar in an unfamiliar setting Wester Riley quickly realizes that his life is in danger and must do what it takes to survive in a town where everyone knows him but he knows no one.
Christopher Jar...
In: Novel Excerpt 3 reviews
A strange dream that starts off an adventure of angry drunkenness across country.
In: Novel Excerpt 2 reviews
The beginning of a novel about a warring Australia. It has been taken over by nationalistic gangs forcing Australia to live in a wasteland. An underground resistance movement aims to destroy them.
In: Poem 4 reviews
There is a timelessness in the challenge of going to sea, even in our current safe days, the sea is big and all consuming.
In: Novel Excerpt 2 reviews
First 4 chapters of my novel Angels & Guns. 3,817 Words
Typewriter Demigod
In: Novel Excerpt 2 reviews
The relationships and romances of four girls in a high school in Devon
N.L. Vaught
In: Novel Excerpt 4 reviews
Chapter four of my dystopian novel-in-progress. Alex stumbles upon an antique house. He feels the owners may be able to help him find the runaway he admires.