How Writing Has Helped Me Survive Depression

Column by Rob Blair Young September 19, 2013
I discuss my own struggle with depression and how writing has helped me survive it.

5 Other Things You Shouldn't Say to Authors

Column by Brandon Tietz September 13, 2013
Our list of things you shouldn't say to authors extends in this second installment.

Writing Through The Fear Of Words

Column by Ben Umstead September 10, 2013
A personal look at the uphill battle of writing, and the often tumultuous relationship we can have with words.

5 Things You Shouldn't Say to Authors

Column by Brandon Tietz July 30, 2013
Five faux pas you should avoid while speaking with an author. Hey, we don't walk into where you work and say your job looks easy.

Questions Every Writer Should Be Asking But Isn't

Column by Erin Reel June 10, 2013
Ten questions emerging writers frequently ask but shouldn't. Important questions writers aren't asking but should.

7 F***in' Great Ways to Build Your Writing Routine

Column by Phil Jourdan April 25, 2013
Tired of bland, unhelpful advice about creating effective writing habits? Here's how one guy tripled his daily word count.

Notes from the Drunken Editor: Be Unhinged! or, Why You Really Shouldn't Give Up

Column by Phil Jourdan April 18, 2013
Never giving up in the writing game — REALLY never giving up — is an insane thing to do. Here's why you should try being insane.

Top 10 Storytelling Cliches Writers Need To Stop Using

Column by Rob Hart April 5, 2013
There are certain storytelling clichés writers go back to again and again. And they shouldn't. Because they are terrible, and they need to be destroyed.

The Write Time: 6 Strategies to Make Your Writing Schedule Sacred

Column by Rob Blair Young March 20, 2013
How can we keep ourselves writing each day? How can we make sure that the time we've set aside to write remains sacred? Here are a few strategies I've developed over the years.

Finding Your Writing Rhythm

Column by Erik Wecks March 13, 2013
Becoming a writer is more about finding your own way than following the right plan.
'Fifty Shades' Author EL James To Publish Writing Guide

'Fifty Shades' Author EL James To Publish Writing Guide

News by Rob Hart March 12, 2013
Erotica writer EL James will publish a guide offering advice to writers. This is not an Onion story.

The Only Question Every Story Must Answer

Column by BH Shepherd February 26, 2013
There is only one question that truly matters. What is it, and how do you answer it?

6 Ways to Fall in Love with Writing

Column by Rob Blair Young February 15, 2013
These six strategies will help you shift the focus of your work so you can learn to fall in love with writing again.

Disconnect: How Logging Off Helps Us Write On

Column by Rob Blair Young February 8, 2013
Why does disconnecting from the web feel like logging out of our own brains? And how can we get ourselves to log off so we can more effectively write on?

Call It What It Is: The Hatred Directed At Lena Dunham Is Petty, Childish Bullshit

Column by Rob Hart February 8, 2013
Lena Dunham, the 26-year-old writer and star of HBO's 'Girls', invites quite a bit of derision on the internet. Maybe because other writers are mostly just jealous of her success?
Philip Kenney LitReactor Interview

Writers and Depression: An Interview with Psychotherapist and Author, Philip Kenney

Interview by Erin Reel January 21, 2013
Portland-based author and psychotherapist Philip Kenney sheds light on why some writers may experience degrees of mental illness and what they can do about it.

7 Strategies to Outsmart Writer's Block

Column by Rob Blair Young January 16, 2013
A brief look at the neuroscience and psychology of writer's block, along with seven strategies for how you can outsmart this adversary of writers around the world.

10 Songs About Writing

Column by Ed Sikov January 3, 2013
10 Songs about Writing, from the Beatles and the Monotones to Johnny Flynn and Elvis Costello.

13 Resolutions To Make You A Better, More Productive Writer In 2013

Column by Kimberly Turner December 26, 2012
Year-long resolutions are for suckers. It takes less than a month to set yourself on the right track. Here's how to make January 2013 your best writing month ever.
thsrs for twitter

Online Thesaurus Gives Shorter Alternatives To Big Words

News by Christopher Shultz October 19, 2012
Need less lengthy options for your prose? Thsrs has you covered.

Creating Your Literary Foundation

Column by Erin Reel October 18, 2012
What literary works create a strong foundation for a writer? LitReactor instructors and esteemed literary figures Lidia Yuknavitch, Ed Sikov, Holiday Reinhorn, Suzy Vitello and Bree Ogden share.

The Death of the Literary Recluse (And Also, Is The Internet Ruining Us?)

Column by Rob Hart August 21, 2012
With the advent of social media and blogging, can reclusive authors like JD Salinger, Thomas Pynchon, and Harper Lee still thrive? (Probably not).