How a Community and a War Spawned a Collection

Column by Dino Parenti October 30, 2018
OG LitReactor Dino Parenti talks the long hard road to the release of his new collection.

13 Solid Pieces Of Advice From LitReactor's Writers Workshop

Column by Peter Derk May 15, 2018
There's a lot of solid writing advice coming straight out of our workshop. Here's a sneak peek.
Our Very Own Dan J. Fiore Wins Writer's Digest Competition

The Winner of the Writer’s Digest 82nd Annual Writing Competition Is... Our Very Own Dan J. Fiore!

News by Rob Hart October 9, 2013
Dan J. Fiore took top honors in the national writing competition with his short, "Masks"— a story he workshopped right here at LitReactor!
LitReactor Is Looking For Some New Instructors

LitReactor Is Looking For Some New Instructors

News by Dennis Widmyer
LitReactor is looking for some new instructors to teach shorter-form workshops and weekend webinars on the business side of writing. Think you fit the bill? Read on!

The Art Of The Rewrite

Column by Jon Gingerich December 7, 2011
A true rewrite is not just editing, proofing or copy-editing, but a complete re-imagining of the work. Here’s a four-part process to fortify writers with a successful re-writing plan that works.

Sitting In On Chuck Palahniuk & Friend's Writer's Workshop

Column by Kasey Carpenter October 14, 2011
Kasey Carpenter sits in on Chuck's Portland-based writer's workshop for an evening of reading and reviewing.