The Existential Horror of Making an Author Website

Column by Christoph Paul
Why does making an author website fill me with existential dread?

Sell Books, Get Noticed: Google Analytics for Authors

Column by Peter Derk
Data is power. Don't rage against the machine, use it.

10 Things Every Author Needs On Their Website

Column by Peter Derk September 9, 2015
If your author web site doesn't have these 10 things, you're losing.

Product Review: Weebly

Column by Christopher Shultz July 30, 2015
For fans of drag and drop website-building, as well as low-cost flexibility, check out Weebly.
Small Demons Connects Reality With Fiction

Small Demons Connects Reality With Fiction

News by Kimberly Turner August 10, 2012
Everything is connected in the Storyverse, the magical place where real people, places, and things collide with the content of our favorite books. New startup Small Demons makes sense of it all. Tells You What's Worth Reading

Newly Launched Tells You What's Worth Reading

News by Kimberly Turner July 12, 2012
A website launched today that aims to be the RottenTomatoes or MetaCritic of books. aggregates professional reviews to give each book an overall positive or negative rating.