The Enduring Fictional Legacy Of The Illuminati, America's Favorite Conspiracy Theory

Column by Christopher Shultz
Many people believe a centuries-old organization secretly controls the world, and we have a work of pure fiction to thank for that.

Get Off Your Ass and Read That Pile of Books

Column by Bart Bishop June 8, 2017
Over the years I've accumulated a stack of unread books. It's time to read them before it's too late.

10 Authors that Will Give Your Brain a Workout

Column by Gabino Iglesias March 6, 2017
Sometimes reading can feel like you're flexing your brain, and that's a good thing. Here are ten authors that will pump up your intellect.

A Modest Proposal in Response to Devin Faraci’s 'Fandom is Broken'

Column by Bart Bishop July 1, 2016
A refutation of the tyranny of comic book literalness that proposes banning continuity indefinitely.
How to Write a Thesis by Umberto Eco

5 Remembrances of Umberto Eco

News by Peter Derk
Literary great Umberto Eco has passed away. Here are 5 remembrances of the man and his work.
Bookshots: 'Numero Zero' by Umberto Eco

Bookshots: 'Numero Zero' by Umberto Eco

Review by Ed Sikov November 3, 2015
A review of the new novel by the famed semiotician.