A Brief History of Vintage Writing Software

Column by Peter Derk August 27, 2020
Is writing hard for you? Let's take a look back at not-so-ancient history and see how hard it USED to be.

5 Benefits of Using a Typewriter on Your First Draft

Column by Max Booth III November 3, 2016
Just please don't bring it to a coffee shop.

The Machine With a Soul: Typewriters In the Past, Present, and Future

Column by Leah Dearborn August 18, 2014
Perhaps our fondness stems from that image in the collective cultural imagination: a man with his typewriter, clacking away in a lonely hotel room, bottle of cognac at his side.
Hanx Writer: The Tom Hanks Typewriting App

Hanx Writer: The Tom Hanks Typewriting App

News by Peter Derk August 15, 2014
Tom Hanks releases Hanx Writer, an app that attempts to mimic a typewriter on your iPad.