The Top 10 Fake Books in Movies

Column by David James Keaton
I've lost the ability to finish a book, but luckily there's a loophole. Fake books in movies! They're as good or as bad as you want them to be.

Time Out: Don't Write Time Travel (Unless You Do It Right)

Column by Peter Derk February 3, 2017
Why do we keep writing the same time travel stories, and how can we change?
Margaret Atwood And The Time Capsule Forest

Margaret Atwood And The Time Capsule Forest

News by Peter Derk September 5, 2014
Margaret Atwood's newest manuscript will be published 100 years from now as part of the Future Library Project.

On Tom Cruise and Time Travel Stories

Column by Rajan Khanna August 22, 2014
A look at time travel in both film and literature and why it makes for such great stories.