The Blagger's Guide to William Faulkner

Column by Cath Murphy August 7, 2012
Does reading Faulkner make you feel like Lying Down and Dying? Think he is all Sound and Fury? The Blagger's Guide will make you a Faulkner buff without turning a page of his work.
'The Sound And The Fury' colored edition

'The Sound And The Fury' Makeover: Faulkner's True Colors Edition

News by Kimberly Turner July 9, 2012
Fifty years after Faulkner’s death, ‘The Sound And The Fury’ is finally being printed as the author intended: in color-coded inks that provide a roadmap to the classic novel’s chronology.

Post-Mortem: "The Sound and the Fury" by William Faulkner

Column by Jack Joslin March 22, 2012
An autopsy of William Faulkner's novel, 'The Sound and the Fury'. What makes this novel so great?