Why Bad Writers Are Good Mentors

Column by Peter Derk April 15, 2021
You don't need a superstar writer to be your mentor. You need a superstar mentor.

Teaching My First Writing Class

Column by Christoph Paul August 3, 2018
I taught my first writing class — in Barcelona.
Class, Genre, JS Breukelaar, teaching, Weird Fiction

A Conversation with JS Breukelaar about Teaching, Weird Fiction, and Her New Novel 'Aletheia'

Interview by Rob Hart July 7, 2017
JS Breukelaar—instructor of our recurring workshop 'Writing the Weird'—has a new book out! Paul Tremblay says 'Aletheia' is 'a melancholy and affecting mix of literary, noir, and horror by the lake.'
Secrets of the Slush: An Interivew with Editor and Author, Michael Nye

Secrets of the Slush: An Interview with Editor and Author, Michael Nye

Interview by Fred Venturini April 20, 2017
Michael Nye is here to help authors get inside the head of an editor and avoid the slush pile.