Do It For The Kids: I Wrote A Book On Sylvia Plath That I Wish I Had As A Teenager

Column by Patricia Grisafi March 16, 2022
We still treat teenagers like their interests and passions are amusing instead of existence-altering. So I wrote a book on Sylvia Plath to challenge that.

The Poetry of Joni Mitchell’s "Blue" Album: An Appreciation

Column by David Cranmer June 22, 2021
Joni Mitchell’s 'Blue' turns 50. Poet and Mitchell fan David Cranmer eclectically reflects on Blue’s impact that is still growing, her connection to the confessional poets, and why this music endures.

When the Answer Isn't Always Edgar Allan Poe

Column by Stephanie M. Wytovich, MFA May 10, 2021
This essay encourages readers and writers alike to bridge the gap between literary and genre in order to find horror in unsuspecting places.

Poets Who Bled on the Page

Column by David Cranmer November 6, 2020
Poets have surged in popularity during these uncertain times, as they have an awareness that slices to the heart of the problems we all face.

What Famous Authors Would Be Like on Social Media if They Weren't Dead

Column by Max Booth III October 1, 2018
How much writing would Charles Dickens have accomplished with FarmVille in his life?
Mini-Interviews with the Tragedy Queens Authors

Mini-Interviews with the 'Tragedy Queens' Authors

Interview by Christoph Paul
The Contributors of the "Tragedy Queens" anthology talk about their muses.

Happy Birthday, Anne Sexton

Column by Leah Dearborn November 10, 2016
Anne Sexton was a remarkable woman whose work demonstrated the convalescent powers of the written word.

Culling the Poetry Classics: Sylvia Plath

Column by Brian McGackin June 4, 2015
Sifting through history, one poet at a time.

6 Novels That Will Destroy Your Good Mood

Column by Christine J. Schmidt September 26, 2014
If you have been feeling too good lately, these books will bring you back down to earth.

Culling the Classics: 'The Bell Jar' by Sylvia Plath

Column by Cath Murphy
Published just over 50 years ago, 'The Bell Jar' by Plath has sold in the millions. But does it deserve its stellar reputation?

11 Authors Who Became Famous After They Died

Column by Daniel Hope April 28, 2014
Sometimes the fame doesn't come until after rigor mortis has set in.

Why Being Creative Is A Lot Less Difficult Than You Think

Column by Cath Murphy February 19, 2014
If you listen to the creativity experts you'd think you have to live a life of childlike, wild abandon to get a single word on the page. But creativity really isn't that complicated.

Christmas Bummers: 5 Books to Wallow In During the Holidays

Column by Ed Sikov December 3, 2013
Perennially depressed Ed Sikov recommends five unbearably sad novels with which to celebrate the holidays.

Uncomfortable Truths: Five Authors Who Do Not Live Up To Their Mythology

Column by Cath Murphy May 31, 2013
As the next bestseller rolls into town and we are invited to believe its author can turn water into wine, here are five writers who serve as warning not to buy into the usual literary mythmaking.

Cover Battles: Classic Book Redesigns vs. Original Art

Column by Kimberly Turner April 19, 2013
Old vs New. Classic vs Pulpy. Depressing vs Chick Lit-y. Classy vs Cheesy. What will win LitReactor's battle of the book covers? Take a look at these redesigns of literary classics and cast your vote.
The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath 50th Ann

New 50th Anniversary Edition of ‘The Bell Jar’ Sparks Anger Over ‘Chick-Lit’ Cover

News by Dean Fetzer February 4, 2013
It’s been 50 years since the first publication of Sylvia Plath’s only book and the new cover has attracted wide-spread criticism.
Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes & daughter Frieda

‘Bell Jar’ Author Sylvia Plath Didn’t Want Her Mother to Know She Wrote it

News by Dean Fetzer January 21, 2013
According to a friend of the writer, Plath didn’t want the book published under her real name while Aurelia Plath was still alive.

The Blagger's Guide to Sylvia Plath

Column by Cath Murphy January 15, 2013
To blag (v): to sound like you know what you’re talking about when you don’t The Blagger’s Guide to Literature (n): an invaluable resource for those who wish to blag about books without reading them.

The 10 Most Bizarre Pieces Of Literary Merch

Column by Kimberly Turner July 6, 2012
It's not a stretch to assume that if you like the book or author, you'll buy the T-shirt, coffee mug, or bookmark. But what about the panties, shower curtain, and Ouija board?