Good Oral: Telling Stories Out Loud

Column by Peter Derk November 15, 2018
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What 'Westworld' Can Teach Us About Writers

Column by BH Shepherd December 2, 2016
What the characters of "Westworld," some of them writers, can teach us about writers.

Growing Up Star Wars: A Lesson In How To Indoctrinate Your Child

Column by Leah Rhyne December 22, 2015
I can't remember NOT having seen Star Wars. When my child was born, we needed her to feel the same way. But HOW to introduce Star Wars, in the post-Jar Jar Binks era? Did we do it right? Who knows!

Narrative Failure: The Most Common Error Message in Video Games

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7 Things Dungeons & Dragons Taught Me About Storytelling

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The Absence of Story in "Star Trek Into Darkness"

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Interactive Storytelling In Video Games: How Much is Enough?

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Narrative and the Moving Image: What Film Can Teach Us About Fiction Writing

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Fiction writers can learn a great deal about craft by examining some of the common storytelling techniques used in modern film.
Storytelling Tips From Pixar Studios

Storytelling Tips From Pixar Studios

News by Rob Hart June 8, 2012
Pixar storyboard artist Emma Coats recently shared some storytelling tips on Twitter, and a blog collected them into one post. Check 'em out--then tell us your favorite, and what you'd add.