Scandinavian Crime Fiction Primer: Sweden

Column by George Cotronis
You heard about that new-fangled "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" book. You hunger for more depressing Scandinavian fiction. Let a real Swede teach you his secrets.

The Girl Who Starred In All The Books

Column by Christopher Shultz April 20, 2015
She started out with a dragon tattoo. Then she played with fire and kicked the hornet's nest. Now she does just about everything...

11 Authors Who Became Famous After They Died

Column by Daniel Hope April 28, 2014
Sometimes the fame doesn't come until after rigor mortis has set in.
Return of the Dragon Tattoo: Fourth Book To Be Written By New Author

Return of the Dragon Tattoo: Fourth Book To Be Written By New Author

News by Nathan Scalia December 18, 2013
Stieg Larsson's trilogy to be continued by author David Lagercrantz.
Stieg Larsson

Short Story From 17 Year-Old Stieg Larson To Appear In New Anthology

News by Christopher Shultz August 8, 2013
The unpublished work will appear alongside twenty other Swedish writers in a collection exploring the darkside of their mother country.

Fallen Idols: Disappointing Truths About Five Famous Authors

Column by Cath Murphy April 25, 2012
Like most readers, I want authors to 'fit' the fiction they create, and when they fail to live up to my myths about them, I get fractious.

Film is Truth? Why Writing Novels Is Probably A Smarter Career Move

Column by Hanna Brooks Olsen
Some of 2011's biggest blockbusters weren't originally written by film geeks, they were adaptations of novels. What does the success of 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' & 'The Hunger Games' teach us?

Book Vs. Film Vs. Film: The Girls With The Dragon Tattoos

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky January 9, 2012
We break down all three versions of 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo'- the book and both film adaptations- in an attempt to determine which one is the best.
Trent Reznor offers sneak peak at 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' soundtrack

Trent Reznor Releases Free Teaser Of 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' Soundtrack

News by Rob Hart December 2, 2011
Trent Reznor is offering fans a free six-song glimpse of the three-hour soundtrack for 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.'