Avoiding Stereotypes When Writing Place (Even If That Place Is Home)

Column by Justin Hunter August 16, 2017
Knowing your setting doesn't mean you'll avoid stereotyping it.

'Scream: The TV Series' – Exploring Character Archetypes and Story Conventions in Slashers

Column by Michael David Wilson
"Scream: The TV Series" just went live on Netflix. We have a look at slasher archetypes and conventions and see how they translate to the latest outing for the Scream franchise.

Overcoming Object Love: How to Write Female Leads Who Are People

Column by Robbie Blair February 5, 2014
"Object love" is a painfully common writing disease that leads us to write two-dimensional women who are more object than person. This article explores how you can overcome the sickness.

Library Love : The Sexy Librarian And Our Collective Imagination

Column by Stephanie Bonjack January 23, 2013
The sexy librarian stereotype is a complex thing. Who is the sexy librarian, and where does she come from?