15 Famous Authors I Wouldn't Want to Have a Beer With

Column by Gabino Iglesias August 1, 2017
I love authors. I love beer. I love having beers with authors. However, those rules don't apply to all authors. Here are fifteen I wouldn't want to share a beer with.
'Twilight' Undergoes Gender Swap

'Twilight' Undergoes Gender Swap

News by Raine Winters October 7, 2015
Twi-hards will either think this is the Holy Grail or sacrilege.
Stephenie Meyer vs EL James

Twilight Author Stephenie Meyer Dismisses 50 Shades as 'Smutty'

News by Christopher Shultz March 12, 2013
Though previously supportive, Meyer now says the erotic series isn't her cup of tea, and feels it's fundamentally different from her own work.
Mermaids are the next big thing

Mermaids Are the New Vampires – for Girls and Women

News by Dean Fetzer January 25, 2013
A sea-change for the females of the species suggests mermaids are replacing vampires in YA literature.

Scandalous: 8 Reasons Intelligent Writers Must Read Twilight

Column by Rob Blair Young December 27, 2012
Ready your pitchforks! This unironic defense of 'Twilight' examines the strengths and weaknesses of the series while encouraging writers to learn from the story's success.

LURID: Spanky Panky, Fifty Shades of O

Column by Karina Wilson April 5, 2012
After the runaway success of the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' trilogy, LURID compares it to some other well-thumbed examples of erotic fiction, including its BDSM bedmate, 'The Story of O'.
How 'Twilight' had been different with talent involved

Twilight... Remixed By The 20th Century's Greatest Writers

News by Rob Hart January 4, 2012
Would 'Twilight' have been different if written by authors who were actually good? Probably. Let's discuss.
Blade wants to kill the Twilight kids

Goodreads Discovers The Country's 'Twilight Belt'

News by Rob Hart November 22, 2011
Social literary site Goodreads put together a graph outlining how its readers reviewed Twilight, breaking down the positive and negative impressions by state.

Vampires: No Longer “The Ultimate Zipless Fuck?”

Column by Karina Wilson November 18, 2011
This month's LURID column: Has Twilight sucked all the fun out of vampire sex?
Sparkly vampires earn the ire of real vampires

Anne Rice Weighs In On The Debate Of Our Times: Should Vampires Sparkle?

News by Rob Hart October 31, 2011
Vampire Queen Anne Rice has sparked quite a bit of discussion on her Facebook page about the sparkly nature of vampires.