New Release Roundup: Recommendations for April 2012

Column by John Jarzemsky April 2, 2012
A look at what's new on the publishing docket for April 2012.

LURID: Deadlier Than The Male

Column by Karina Wilson February 24, 2012
Think female killers are rare, IRL or on the page? They're more common than you imagine. Lurid looks at the deadly women skulking in the shadows of popular fiction.

LURID: My Top 10 Bloody Valentines

Column by Karina Wilson February 14, 2012
Happy ever after? How dull can you get?! Lurid's Top Ten pick of the bloodiest, most doomed, destructive and messed up relationships in literature. Happy Valentine's Day!

The Top 10 Fictional Antiheroes

Column by Meredith Borders February 10, 2012
The antihero is complex and unknowable, and because of that, he is fascinating in ways a pure hero or villain could never be. Read on for ten of the greatest antiheroes in literature.
Kimberly Pierce 'Carrie' Remake

Stephen King's 'Carrie' to Get Remake Treatment (Again)

News by Brandon Tietz January 5, 2012
'Boys Don’t Cry' director Kimberly Peirce will be filming an updated version of Stephen King's 'Carrie.'
Wind Through The Keyhole

Read An Excerpt From Stephen King's New Dark Tower Novel, 'The Wind Through The Keyhole'

News by Brandon Tietz December 29, 2011
Stephen King returns to Mid-World in April with his eighth Dark Tower novel, 'The Wind Through the Keyhole.' Read an exclusive excerpt from
Jack Ketchum, photographed by Steve Thornton

Essay By Jack Ketchum: 'Splat Goes the Hero: Visceral Horror'

News by Dennis Widmyer
In this essay by legendary writer Jack Ketchum, he explores the impact of writing visceral horror and the effect it has on both him and his readers.
Book sales at brick-and-mortar stores are up!

Print Book Sales Are Up, Shocking Everyone

News by Rob Hart December 13, 2011
Despite fears that eReaders would gouge print book sales this holiday season, book stores are actually showing higher profits compared to last year.

10 Gift Ideas No Book Lover Can Live Without This Holiday Season

Column by Meredith Borders December 9, 2011
Stumped on what to buy Dad, Mom, your friends, your fella or your lady? Allow us to help.
Bad Sex in Literature

Lit Mag Announces Nominees For Year's Worst Sex Scenes In Literature

News by Rob Hart November 22, 2011
Every year, the Literary Review honors the most terribly-written, horribly contrived sex scenes with the Bad Sex in Literature award, and here are the nominees...
'11/22/63' by Stephen King

'11/22/63' by Stephen King

Review by Richard Thomas November 18, 2011
On November 22, 1963, three shots rang out in Dallas, president Kennedy died, and the world changed. What if you could go back and change it?

Vampires: No Longer “The Ultimate Zipless Fuck?”

Column by Karina Wilson November 18, 2011
This month's LURID column: Has Twilight sucked all the fun out of vampire sex?
Under The Dome

Brian K. Vaughn Hired to Adapt "Under the Dome"

News by Brandon Tietz
Acclaimed comic book writer Brian K. Vaughn will be penning the adaptation of Stephen King's "Under the Dome."

LURID: Does King Deserve The Crown?

Column by Karina Wilson October 31, 2011
LURID: vivid in shocking detail; sensational, horrible in savagery or violence, or a monthly guide to the merits of all those Bad Books you never want your co-workers to know you're reading.
Ben Affleck might be directing a film version of The Stand

Ben Affleck Might Be Directing "The Stand"

News by Rob Hart October 24, 2011
Ben Affleck is the top choice to direct the film version of Stephen King's epic novel, "The Stand."
Dr. Sleep

Watch Stephen King Read From His Sequel to "The Shining"

News by Joshua Chaplinsky October 1, 2011
The rumors are true. Stephen King is writing a sequel to "The Shining," and it has vampires in it.