Misery & Genene Jones

Nurse That Inspired Stephen King's 'Misery' Set For Early Release

News by Christopher Shultz August 15, 2013
Genene Jones is suspected of killing multiple infants, but a Texas law may set her free in five years.

Post-Mortem: How I Stopped Being (as) Afraid of Stephen King's It

Column by Leah Rhyne August 13, 2013
After living in fear of clowns and storm drains for over two decades, re-reading Stephen King's "It" finally brought me some peace. But just some...
Stephen King Shares the Best Opening Line He Ever Wrote

The Best Opening Line Stephen King Ever Wrote

News by Dean Fetzer August 5, 2013
In an article in the Atlantic, the prolific author reveals why he spends “months and even years” writing the first line of one of his books.
Stephen King On Set

'Under the Dome' Renewed for Second Season

News by Christopher Shultz
The popular series based on a Stephen King novel will be back in 2014.
Joyland by Stephen King

"Joyland" by Stephen King

Review by Richard Thomas June 27, 2013
A riveting novel of love and loss, "Joyland" weaves together a coming of age tale with ghosts and crime to tell a powerful story.
Book Trailer for Stephen King's 'Doctor Sleep'

New Book Trailer for Stephen King's 'Doctor Sleep' Revealed

News by Christopher Shultz
Get primed for the upcoming 'Shining' sequel with a slick (and short!) new video.
Pirated eBook Versions of 'Joyland' Appear Online

Pirated eBook Versions of 'Joyland' Appear Online

News by Dean Fetzer June 17, 2013
Only weeks after Stephen King hit the headlines for not releasing an eBook version of his latest, rumours of electronic copies circulating on the Internet have surfaced.

Storyville: 3 Essential Books You Should Read in Every Major Genre

Column by Richard Thomas June 14, 2013
Here are three essential books you should read in every major genre.
Stephen King Joyland Stand prequel

King Delays "Joyland" eBook Release and Releases 88-page Prequel Poem to ‘The Stand’

News by Dean Fetzer May 21, 2013
The author was an early adopter of eBooks, famously releasing ‘Riding the Bullet’ for $2.50, but it seems he’s supporting bookshops now — and releasing a poem he wrote in college about Randall Flagg.

Three Books About... Machines

Column by Cath Murphy May 15, 2013
What do "Crash," "Christine," and "I, Robot" have in common?

Forgetting the "Why" in the Narrative of Horror

Column by John Jarzemsky May 2, 2013
Telling a great story involves a slow and controlled release of information, but sometimes, the questions we choose not to answer are even more important.

Life-Changers and Soul-Crushers: 3 Books I Feel Blessed to Have Read & 3 I Wish I Could Obliterate from My Memory

Column by Taylor Houston April 26, 2013
Let the debates begin! Three books that made me want to be a better writer and better person, and three books that made me want to gouge my eyes out.

Reading With Purpose: Four Reasons Every Writer Should Join a Book Club

Column by Christopher Shultz April 16, 2013
As bookish people, writers will enjoy the variety, lively discussions, and opportunities for critical thinking that book clubs offer.

'Cujo' To Be Remade Sometime This Year

News by Christopher Shultz April 15, 2013
With King adaptations and remakes a plenty, why not redo the one about the rabid dog?
Shining prequel: Overlook Hotel

Warner Bros. Planning A Prequel to 'The Shining'

News by Christopher Shultz April 12, 2013
The upcoming film will explore events prior to the Torrance family's arrival at The Overlook Hotel.

Book vs. Film vs. Audience: The Shining and Room 237

Column by Karina Wilson April 8, 2013
Documentary Room 237 explores some of the convoluted theories behind the meaning of "The Shining," wrenching it further away than ever from Stephen King's original authorship. What gives?

10 Big-Time Literary Druggies

Column by Ed Sikov April 5, 2013
An acid trip down memory lane: writers who achieved fame and fortune as (mostly) unrepentant drug users.
Stephen King's 'Under The Dome' Trailer

CBS Releases New ‘Under The Dome’ Trailer

News by Dean Fetzer April 2, 2013
A first glimpse of footage from the hotly anticipated new series based on Stephen King’s novel.
Kings To Pay $3 million for Bangor Library Renovation

Kings To Pay $3 million Toward Bangor Library Renovation - If Library Can Find the Rest

News by Dean Fetzer March 21, 2013
Stephen and Tabitha King have offered to pay a third of the renovation costs for Bangor’s century-old Public Library, as long as the institution can raise the rest.

Watch Out For That First Step – It’s A Doozy: The Top 10 Time Loop Stories

Column by Meredith Borders February 1, 2013
Celebrate this Groundhog Day the way Punxsutawney Phil intended: with a list of the best time loop books!
Stephen King's treatise about gun control

Stephen King Releases New Kindle Single, ‘Guns’

News by Dean Fetzer January 28, 2013
The master of horror surprised some people last week by releasing a 25-page polemic on the need to regulate guns in the U.S. — just for Amazon Kindle.
Sex by Madonna

Madonna, Stephen King Top List of Most Sought-After Out-Of-Print Books

News by Christopher Shultz January 4, 2013
Sex and Rage are all anyone thinks about when searching for rare publications.

We Survived The Apocalypse And 10 Other Reasons 2013 Is Going To Rule

Column by Meredith Borders January 4, 2013
Meredith lists the ten books she's most anticipating in 2013. What are yours?
American Gods and Under the Dome

From Page To Screen: Neil Gaiman Writes 'American Gods' Pilot and 'Under the Dome' Series Hits Next Summer

News by Dean Fetzer November 30, 2012
Neil Gaiman revealed he’s writing a pilot based on his novel 'American Gods,' while Stephen King’s 'Under The Dome' has been picked up for 13 episodes by CBS.
King & Mellencamp Ghost Brothers of Darkland County

All-Star Cast Records Soundtrack for Stephen King Musical

News by Dean Fetzer
The soundtrack for ‘Ghost Brothers of Darkland County’, written by Stephen King and John Mellencamp, has been recorded and is due out in March.