William Shakespeare ‘Star Wars’ Book Trailer

What If Star Wars Was Written by William Shakespeare?

News by Dean Fetzer July 2, 2013
Now you can find out how the immortal bard would have penned one of the greatest space operas to hit the silver screen in Ian Doescher’s new book, ‘William Shakespeare’s Star Wars’.

Why Do We Read Novelizations?

Column by Christopher Shultz June 5, 2013
Despite their reputation as sub-literature and waning popularity within the tie-in market, novels adapted from blockbuster movies continue to appear on bookshelves. So what's the appeal?

Comic Books and the Reverse Adaptation

Column by Kelly Thompson March 29, 2013
Comics are a breeding ground for material to adapt into film and television projects, but what about the reverse? When prose, film, or television is adapted into a comic?

10 New Comics To Try In 2013

Column by Kelly Thompson January 11, 2013
10 new comics to keep an eye out for in 2013!

10 Gift Ideas No Book Lover Can Live Without This Holiday Season

Column by Meredith Borders December 9, 2011
Stumped on what to buy Dad, Mom, your friends, your fella or your lady? Allow us to help.

"Shockaholic" by Carrie Fisher

Column by Meredith Borders November 4, 2011
Carrie Fisher's latest memoir gives gossipy insight into the alien world of celebrity.