The Best Star Trek Novels: A Personal List

Column by BH Shepherd
A few fondly remembered favorites from a well-read fan.

"Star Trek: Picard" is Having Too Much Fun

Column by BH Shepherd March 31, 2020
A review of the Star Trek spinoff featuring Jean-Luc Picard.

'Discovery' vs. 'The Orville': Who Treks Better?

Column by BH Shepherd November 17, 2017
A comparative look at the two new shows trying to carry on the Star Trek legacy.

Why People Shouldn't Fear Academic Essay Collections

Column by Bart Bishop January 24, 2017
A look at how to get your academic essay published, and why they're not as inaccessible to read as the layman might think.
Shatner Singularity: Shatner's New Comics Imprint

Shatner Singularity: Shatner's New Comics Imprint

News by Peter Derk October 22, 2015
Kirk's got a brand new bag. Shatner announces new comics imprint.

Leonard Nimoy: The Literary Life

Column by Christopher Shultz
He wasn't just Spock. Mr. Nimoy was both a promoter of and contributor to literature and the bookish arts. Let's explore this lesser known side of the actor.
Harlan Ellison's Original Star Trek Script Gets Graphic Novel Treatment

Harlan Ellison's Original Star Trek Script Gets Graphic Novel Treatment

News by Sean May
Harlan Ellison's controversial 1967 Star Trek teleplay, 'City on the Edge of Forever,' is getting the graphic novel treatment, this time uncensored.

The Absence of Story in "Star Trek Into Darkness"

Column by BH Shepherd June 4, 2013
While it bears the brand of a franchise best known for being about exploring the unknown, the latest installment from Abrams is content to boldly go where many movies have gone before.

The 10 Best Star Trek Villains Ever (Besides Khan)

Column by BH Shepherd May 16, 2013
Sure, everyone knows about Khan and his wrath, but who are the other all time greats of Star Trek villainy?

The Good, The Bad, and The Sadly Deluded: Actors Who Write

Column by Cath Murphy August 30, 2012
For many actors, screaming fans and a Twitter following of millions isn't enough to satisfy their ego. Hungry for more adulation, they must inflict their prose upon us too.