Author Confronts One-Star Reviewer

Author Confronts One-Star Reviewer, Confirms That This Is A Terrible Idea

News by Peter Derk October 21, 2014
Author Kathleen Hale pursued a person who gave her a 1-star review. Conclusion: everyone is horrible.
'Untouchable...' biography of Michael Jackson

Amazon Faces More ‘Sock Puppet’ Charges After Fans Attack New Michael Jackson Biography

News by Dean Fetzer January 23, 2013
A group of diehard fans, describing themselves as “Michael Jackson’s Rapid Response Team to Media Attacks”, has attacked Randall Sullivan’s new biography of the King of Pop via his Amazon page.
Sock Puppet Reviews Prompt Action at Amazon

Sock Puppet Reviews Prompt Action at Amazon

News by Dean Fetzer November 5, 2012
Recent complaints about authors who’ve paid to have their own books reviewed has goaded Amazon into taking action - but they’ve deleted lots of real reviews in the process.

The Strange and Unpleasant World of the Sock Puppet

Column by Cath Murphy September 24, 2012
The recent sock puppeting scandal tells us what we already know: some people have the integrity of a flatworm. Being an author means telling stories, not selling books.
Author RJ Ellory Outed For Sock Puppetry

Author RJ Ellory Outed For Sock Puppetry--But Not The Fun, Whimsical Kind

News by Rob Hart September 6, 2012
Ellory, a British crime writer, has been outed for writing praise-filled reviews of his own books under a fake name on Amazon--and slagging the books of his fellow authors.