#FollowFriday and #WritersLift: Don’t Just Follow, Engage!

Column by Amanda Bender
A look at how #FollowFriday and #writerslift are promoting a follower-focused mentality and overshadowing the real purpose of Twitter: engaging and connecting with the writing community.

10 Reasons Why Social Media Doesn't Do A Damn Thing For Writers

Column by Peter Derk October 5, 2016
Your book isn't selling despite your social media efforts? Welcome to the club.

9 Ways To Punch Rejection In The Nuts—A Positive Outlook

Column by Holly Slater September 14, 2016
What are your odds of rejection as a writer? High! High as a motherfucking kite, my friend. This is a motivational piece, by the way.

In Defense of Chelsea Cain

Column by Peter Derk October 2, 2014
Chelsea Cain was involved in a minor Facebook dustup. Let's clear the air and settle another, long-overdue score.

Quick, Easy Ways to Promote Your Book in Your Underwear (And no, I’m not talking selfies) Part 1

Column by Naturi Thomas-Millard June 20, 2014
Here are some easy tips on how to promote your work online to new readers and loyal fans—most of whom are probably in their underwear too.

Facebook Advertising: Is It Worth It?

Column by Brandon Tietz March 20, 2014
One author's experiment to obtain more Facebook "likes" using his own money.
Goodreads Author Program Hits 100,000 Users

Goodreads Author Program Hits 100,000 Users

News by Sean May
The popular book-based social network now counts over 100,000 verified authors within its ranks.

The Death of the Literary Recluse (And Also, Is The Internet Ruining Us?)

Column by Rob Hart August 21, 2012
With the advent of social media and blogging, can reclusive authors like JD Salinger, Thomas Pynchon, and Harper Lee still thrive? (Probably not).

Storyville: Promotion

Column by Richard Thomas July 20, 2012
In this column, we talk about some of the ways you can promote your writing, for little or no money.

Literary Longshots

Column by Brandon Tietz January 24, 2012
LitReactor examines three potential publishing breakthroughs. Are they worth the trouble?
Selling stuff on Facebook will make people unfriend you

Lose Friends On Facebook By Selling Stuff, Says Nielsen

News by Rob Hart December 20, 2011
Nielsen says one of the top reasons people get unfriended on Facebook is for selling stuff-- not great news for authors trying to promote themselves.
Good news for Twitter users

Big News For Twitter Nerds: Embeddable Tweets And A New Marketing Opportunity

News by Rob Hart December 14, 2011
Two Twitter news items for the price of one: The social media network is finally providing embed codes for tweets, plus a cool new marketing opportunity.

How To Market Yourself Through Social Networks (for Books!)

Column by Rob Hart November 23, 2011
To successfully market your writing, you need to take advantage of the social networks geared toward books, like Goodread, weRead, Shelfari, and LibraryThing
Salman Rushdie vs. Facebook

Salman Rushdie vs. Facebook

News by Brandon Tietz November 15, 2011
Salman Rushdie gets his Facebook deactivated over name controversy. Are you sure you want to use a pen name?
Google introduces Google+ Pages

Google+ Pages Are Now A Thing

News by Rob Hart November 8, 2011
Google has announced Google+ Pages, which lets businesses get in on their social networking site--which is great news for writers looking to build their brand.

Using Social Networks To Build A Writing Brand, i.e. How To Whore Yourself On Twitter

Column by Rob Hart October 26, 2011
Social networking is easy if you want to tell people what you had for dinner last night. When you're a writer building a brand, it requires a little more thought--and a lot more dedication.