Friday the 13th: Even Better Than the Real Thing

Column by Tony McMillen
Tony McMillen talks writing and drawing Jason Vorhees—without permission.

It's Hard to Be Scared of the Man with the Knife, Anymore

Column by Paul Michael Anderson September 8, 2020
How do you make a slasher scary, and why do so many fail?

Essential Slashers: The Foundations, Peaks, and Valleys of Modern Horror's Most Iconic Subgenre

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Fred Venturini selects the essential slasher films: the foundations of the subgenre, the best slasher films of all time, and the "so bad its good" picks to round out your next horror film marathon.

The Rare Occurrence of the "Final Boy" in Horror

Column by Bart Bishop October 23, 2017
Men, Women and Chain Saws: A look at the rare case of the "final boy" in horror movies.

"Some folks sure got a strange idea of entertainment...": The Unlucky History of Friday the 13th Books

Column by Bart Bishop May 5, 2016
A look back at the fits and starts of 'Friday the 13th's' Jason Voorhees in novel form.

'Scream: The TV Series' – Exploring Character Archetypes and Story Conventions in Slashers

Column by Michael David Wilson November 16, 2015
"Scream: The TV Series" just went live on Netflix. We have a look at slasher archetypes and conventions and see how they translate to the latest outing for the Scream franchise.