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LitReactor's West Coast Meetup: Portland's Radio Room, October 12

News by Rob Hart September 27, 2012
We've found a location for our West Coast meetup! Radio Room, October 12. Be there or be square.
SCARE US!  - Rewarding Our Top Stories!

SCARE US! - Rewarding Our Top Stories!

News by Jessica Taylor August 28, 2012
Today we announce our Top Stories! Rewards will be given, along with a few surprises! Check out the list of stories that made it to the top of LitReactor's first official writing challenge!
SCARE US! - Time To Reward Our Top Reviewers!

SCARE US! - Time To Reward Our Top Reviewers!

News by Jessica Taylor August 21, 2012
This is it! One of the moments you’ve been eagerly waiting for. Today we announced our Top Reviewers and the awesome prizes they just nabbed. Get ready to be jealous!
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We're Headed To Wordstock In October. Are You?

News by Rob Hart August 10, 2012
We've got a table at Wordstock this year... which means it's time for another meetup, West Coast-style!
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Checking In On Our First Official Writing Challenge: It's Not Too Late To 'Scare Us!'

News by Rob Hart July 20, 2012
We're past the halfway point on our first official writing challenge. Time to take a measure of where we are. There's no turning back now--but there's still plenty of time to get in on the fun.
LitReactor Meetup Photos

LitReactor's First Official Meetup: The Photographic Evidence

News by Rob Hart July 6, 2012
And a fun time was had by all...
LitReactor's 1st Official Meetup NYC

Tonight's The Night: LitReactor's First Official Meetup in NYC

News by Rob Hart July 5, 2012
Ready for a little IRL action? Then head out to Lilly O'Brien's on Murray Street at 6:30 p.m. for booze and magic and, maybe, friendship?
Week In Discussion: 7/2/12

The Week In Discussion: 7/2/12

News by Rob Hart July 2, 2012
Writing challenges and booze and pickup lines and classroom discussions in the threads this week. So... the threads are just a big writing conference?
'Scare Us!' - A LitReactor writing challenge

'Scare Us!' - LitReactor's First Official Writing Challenge Launches

News by Dennis Widmyer July 2, 2012
LitReactor launches its first official writing challenge. Be afraid. Then make us afraid. And maybe win stuff!
LitReactor Meetup Is July 5th In NYC

UPDATE x 2 - Mark Your Calendar: The First LitReactor Meetup Is July 5th In NYC

News by Rob Hart June 28, 2012
On July 5th LitReactor takes to Manhattan for its first ever meetup. Details on the venue, the happenings and the company you can expect await you inside.
LitReactor Week In Discussion

The Week In Discussion: 6/19/12

News by Rob Hart June 19, 2012
Robots and presidents and whoring (for reviews). See what the denizens of LitReactor are discussing in the forums this week.
LitReactor Week In Discussion: 6/11/12

The Week In Discussion: 6/11/12

News by Rob Hart June 11, 2012
See what people are talking about in our forums this week!
The Week In Discussion: 6/4/12

The Week In Discussion: 6/4/12

News by Rob Hart June 4, 2012
This week in discussion: The June announcement, compliment orgies, writer wars, book of the month club and theme chatter. Get in on the conversation...
LitReactor Is Looking For Some New Instructors

LitReactor Is Looking For Some New Instructors

News by Dennis Widmyer
LitReactor is looking for some new instructors to teach shorter-form workshops and weekend webinars on the business side of writing. Think you fit the bill? Read on!
The Week In Discussion

The Week In Discussion: 5/21/12

News by Dennis Widmyer May 21, 2012
Today we're starting a new feature at LitReactor called 'The Week In Discussion.' Each week we'll look at and highlight some of the most interesting and popular threads on our Discussion Boards.
LitReactor 6 Month Anniversary

LitRecapper: The 6 Month Anniversary Edition

News by Joshua Chaplinsky April 3, 2012
Come help us celebrate LitReactor's 6 Monthiversary with a very special episode of LitRecapper.
LitReactor Duo Consulting

LitReactor Gets Props, You Get Free Marketing Advice

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen
LitReactor gets an atta-boy from Duo Consulting, but this isn't just back-patting. These are content marketing strategies that anyone can use to get new readership on their publishing ventures.
LitRecapper 2011

LitRecapper: The Happy New Year Edition

News by Joshua Chaplinsky January 3, 2012
Ring in the new year with a look back at 2011 and LitReactor's first three months.

LitReactor Staff Picks: The Best Books of 2011

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky December 30, 2011
Members of the LitReactor writing staff list their favorite books read in the year of our Lord 2011.

LitRecapper: The November Edition

News by Joshua Chaplinsky December 4, 2011
The phoenix that is LitRecapper emerges from the ash of the weekly update, transformed into a being that cycles with the moon.

LitRecapper: Remember Remember, The Week Ending The 5th of November

News by Joshua Chaplinsky
We're all about content, content, content, as LitReactor rockets out of the gate that is November.

LitRecapper: That Time of the Month

News by Joshua Chaplinsky November 1, 2011
It's that time of the month again! Actually, it's the first time we've reached the end of a month. It's LitReactor's One-Monthiversery, and we have a very special segment of Recapper to share!

LitRecapper: Courting Controversy In Week Three

News by Joshua Chaplinsky October 22, 2011
LitReactor members make their opinions known when it comes to politics, editorializing, and gossipy news posts.

LitRecapper: The Deuce Is Loose

News by Joshua Chaplinsky
A look back at LitReactor's second week in existence.