The Mad, Bad Royal: 10 Books About Loathsome Monarchs

Column by Leah Dearborn
Is it possible for a monarch to be a hero, given the lack of equality between them and the rest of the world? Some of literature’s famous villains of the ruling class didn’t bother to find out.

What Makes a Good Retelling?

Column by Joshua Isard
We are in an age of movie and TV reboots, as well as copious literary reimaginings. So what makes one successful?

8 Machiavellian Books to Make Niccolo Proud

Column by Jena Brown May 3, 2022
On the anniversary of his birth, we’ve gathered eight books that capture the essence of Machiavelli in nuanced, layered, and complex ways.

7 Great Books to Read for National Nonfiction Day

Column by Emmanuel Nataf November 1, 2019
To help you get into the spirit of National Non-Fiction Day, here are 7 of the best — from heartbreaking memoirs to tech industry tell-alls.

The 10 Worst Things About Shakespeare

Column by Peter Derk April 23, 2019
Between his time travel shenanigans and lack of appeal, it's hard to say why we all love this dude.

Exploring the Literary References of Silent Hill

Column by Michael David Wilson January 1, 2019
The Silent Hill video game series references way more literature than you probably noticed (or thought possible). We give you the lowdown. Welcome to Silent Hill.

The 10 Best Modern Shakespeare Adaptations

Column by Meredith Borders April 23, 2018
On the Bard's bday, we've chosen our favorite Shakespeare movies set in modern times.

7 Beloved Authors Who Occasionally Dabbled in Horror

Column by Emmanuel Nataf October 23, 2017
Seasoned horror fans might know the complete works of Lovecraft & Poe, but how familiar are they with chilling works by Edith Wharton & Truman Capote? Find out as we get into some Horror deep cuts.

The Worst Required Reading

Column by Peter Derk September 19, 2017
It's back to school time, which means it's required reading time. Bring the pain.

The Book as the Most Powerful Object of Our Time

Column by Bart Bishop January 5, 2017
On Keith Houston's 'The Book' and why having a physical copy of a book is still important.

Why A Little Writing Jealousy Is Healthy

Column by Leah Dearborn
Every writer has felt it—that twinge of jealousy when you read a sentence so perfect, it makes you angry that you didn't think of it first.

All's Well That Ends Well: On Marriage And Closure

Column by Leah Dearborn May 19, 2016
Will Shakespeare and Jane Austen certainly had no qualms about ending a story at the alter. But marriage has changed over the centuries, and even since the rom-coms of the '90s.

A Rose By Any Other Name: 5 Episodes of Literary Mistaken Identity

Column by Leah Dearborn
Sometimes authors willingly direct readers away from their true identities. Occasionally, however, issues of authorship and identity are more complex or decidedly less purposeful.
Oregon Shakespeare Festival Commissions Translations of Shakespeare's Plays

Oregon Shakespeare Festival Commissions 'Reimagined' Translations of Shakespeare's Plays

News by Emily Rose Lathrop October 6, 2015
"Words, words, words":The Oregon Shakespeare Festival has commissioned modern English translations of all of Shakespeare's plays.
DIY Shakespearean Star Wars Sonnet Widget Released by Quirk Books

DIY Shakespearean Star Wars Sonnet Widget Released by Quirk Books

News by Raine Winters September 11, 2015
This is everything the world was missing.
App Brings Shakespeare to the Masses

RE: Shakespeare App Brings Shakespeare to the Masses

News by Raine Winters September 4, 2015
Much ado about an app!

8 Undateable Male Characters

Column by Christine J. Schmidt
I'll read about them, but I won't take them up on dinner.
Exhibiting Shakespeare: First Folio Exhibition Sites Announced

Exhibiting Shakespeare: First Folio Exhibition Sites Announced

News by Emily Rose Lathrop
The Folger Library has announced the sites chosen to house their 2016 exhibition of Shakespeare's First Folio.

The Two Hours' Traffic of Our Stage: 9 Films You May Not Know are Shakespeare Adaptations

Column by Emily Rose Lathrop February 17, 2015
Nine films you may or may not know are based off of Shakespeare plays.

Footnotes: 'King Lear' and 9 More Books Masquerading in Other Genres

Column by Ryan Peverly October 20, 2014
Browse a bookshelf and chances are you'll find several titles that aren't exactly as they appear — books in costume, masquerading in one genre when they're really something else entirely.
An Interview with Christopher Moore

My Cats Never Learned to Read: An Interview with Christopher Moore

Interview by Max Booth III July 2, 2014
Christopher Moore stops by and talks writing, marketing, and the importance of research.

LURID: Bardic Birthday Bloodfeast

Column by Karina Wilson
Happy 450th birthday, William Shakespeare! Lurid takes a look at the Bard's hard-on for violence and gore, which has been delighting bloodthirsty playgoers for centuries.
Shakespeare's Dictionary Uncovered

Love's Labour's Found: Shakespeare's Dictionary Uncovered?

News by Peter Derk
Two New York booksellers believe they have found Shakespeare's dictionary.

The Best and Worst Love Stories of All Time

Column by Rob Blair Young February 14, 2014
What well-crafted love stories manage to pull us in — without idolizing toxic relationship models? Here are some of the best and worst love stories of all time.
Margaret Atwood and Howard Jacobson Join Shakespeare Project

Margaret Atwood and Howard Jacobson Join Shakespeare Project

News by Dean Fetzer September 10, 2013
Following the announcement in June, two more authors sign on to modernize Shakespeare's plays.