It's Made Of SCIENCE: Aliens

Column by Nathan Scalia January 15, 2014
Everything you need to know about aliens, the biological definition of life, and SCIENCE!
Isaac Asimov

Looking Back At Isaac Asimov's 2014 Predictions

News by Nathan Scalia January 6, 2014
In 1964, science fiction author Isaac Asimov made a few predictions about what the world would look like fifty years later. Did he get it right?

It's Made Of SCIENCE: Evolution

Column by Nathan Scalia December 11, 2013
Everything you need to know about evolution, natural selection, and SCIENCE!
Kira Radinsky

Use The News To Peruse The Future

News by Nathan Scalia
Israeli computer prodigy Kira Radinsky can analyze past headlines of the New York Times and predict the future with incredible accuracy.

It's Made Of SCIENCE: Zombies

Column by Nathan Scalia October 28, 2013
What you need to know about zombies, infections, and SCIENCE.

It's Made Of SCIENCE: Multiple Personalities

Column by Nathan Scalia September 17, 2013
What you need to know about the dissociative identity disorder, multiple personalities, and SCIENCE.

Return To The Stars: Neil deGrasse Tyson To Host "Cosmos"

News by Nathan Scalia August 6, 2013
Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson takes the reigns of "Cosmos: A Personal Voyage" for its 2014 return.

Write Like a Girl (or Guy)

Column by Kimberly Turner July 29, 2013
Let's talk about sex, baby... How do you write characters of the opposite sex who don't sound like a man doing a poor imitation of a woman, or vice versa? What are the real differences in how we talk?

It's Made Of SCIENCE: Writing Characters That Are Smarter Than You

Column by Nathan Scalia July 25, 2013
You might consider yourself intelligent, perhaps even enlightened, but nobody can know everything. How can you write characters that know more than you do?
Arthur C Clarke's DNA in space

Nasa’s Solar Sail Mission Will Carry Arthur C. Clarke’s DNA Into Deep Space

News by Dean Fetzer June 28, 2013
Before his death, the science fiction author donated a hair sample to be included on a future space mission.

Disconnect: How Logging Off Helps Us Write On

Column by Rob Blair Young February 8, 2013
Why does disconnecting from the web feel like logging out of our own brains? And how can we get ourselves to log off so we can more effectively write on?
Reading to a child raises his or her IQ by 6 points

Wanna Boost Your Child’s IQ? Read to Them!

News by Dean Fetzer
After looking at a number of studies, researchers believe “reading to a child in an interactive style raises his or her IQ by over 6 points.”
Ant-like Behaviour of World War Z’s Zombies

Ant-like Behaviour of World War Z’s Zombies Explained

News by Dean Fetzer November 13, 2012
According to zombie neuroscientist Bradley Voytek, the behaviour of the movie’s fast zombies is more like the way ants act.
Scientists Prove Reading Is Good For You

Your Brain On Jane: Scientists Prove Reading Is Good For You

News by Dave Reuss
We always knew reading was good for you, now we have the hard data to back it up.
Bradbury Honored On Mars

The Martian Chronicles 2012: Bradbury Honored On Mars

News by Dave Reuss August 24, 2012
To honor the late author, NASA named the Mars landing site after Ray. Good job, NASA.
Harvard Stores 70 Billion Books In DNA

Better Than An eReader: Harvard Stores 70 Billion Books In DNA

News by Dave Reuss August 21, 2012
If you thought the font was small on the Nook, you're in for a bad time...
Can Fiction Affect Your Personality?

This Is Your Brain On Books: Can Fiction Affect Your Real Life?

News by Dave Reuss May 9, 2012
A new study finds that "losing yourself" in books may change your personality.
Baboons Can Read

Baboons Can Read; 'Planet Of The Apes' Imminent?

News by Rob Hart April 16, 2012
Well, they're not actually reading, but it's close: Baboons are able to differentiate between random combinations of letters and actual words.
Police help blind author recover work

Police Use Forensic Science To Help Blind Author Recover Work

News by Rob Hart April 13, 2012
A blind writer in England wrote 26 pages with a pen that had run out of ink--and the local police helped her uncover the text.
Coffee Shops Foster Creativity

Study Shows Coffee Shops Foster Creativity Through Ambient Noise

News by Rob Hart March 6, 2012
Want to get those creative juices flowing? A new study suggests that you should pack up your laptop and head over to Starbucks, where the ambient noise can inspire creativity.
Mishka Henner's 'Astronomical'

Huge Book Demonstrates Vast Size Of Solar System

News by Rob Hart January 26, 2012
Artist Mishka Henner has created a beautiful collision of literature and science--'Astronomical,' a 6,000-page volume that's also a scale model of our solar system.
Crime authors compete to have morgue named after them

Crime Writers Compete To Have Morgue Named After Them

News by Rob Hart
In a unique fundraising effort, ten leading crime authors are competing for the right to have a morgue named after them in Scotland
Scientist studies health risks of reading while using the toilet

Science Finally Addresses Health-Related Risks Of Reading On The John

News by Rob Hart November 1, 2011
A pediatric gastroenterologist from Israel undertook a study to examine the relative health of our bathroom reading habits, and the results may shock you (but probably won't).
Science says eBooks add atomic weight to eReaders

Scientist Says eBooks Add Atomic Weight To eReaders

News by Rob Hart November 1, 2011
Utilizing the magic of science and logic, a UC Berkley scientist says that eBooks do add additional weight to your eReader--on the atomic level