Don’t Freak Out, But You Just Discovered a Novel You Wrote When You Were a Teenager

Column by Max Booth III April 10, 2015
The ultimate guide for toilet writing.

Edit My Paragraph! The Maiden Voyage

Column by Gayle Towell May 19, 2014
In this column, samples of prose submitted by readers are analyzed and edited.

Flash Fiction: The Zorro Circle of Storytelling

Column by Rob Blair Young March 4, 2013
Flash fiction can help writers answer vital questions: How can you identify which words to cut? How can you use subtlety to increase the power of your prose? And what's at the heart of a story?

Notes from the Drunken Editor: How To Fail and Why You Should Keep Failing

Column by Phil Jourdan February 20, 2013
We like to forget or ignore our failures, and construct stories about ourselves that emphasize our victories. But it is failure that helps us learn, and embracing failure is a rare thing these days.

Paperless Writer: Five Steps To A Successful Digital Rewrite

Column by Christopher Shultz February 13, 2013
Paper is great, but so are tablet PCs. These devices, coupled with a stylus and some sweet productivity apps, hold the key to successful mobile draft editing.