‘Hot Dudes Reading’ Attracts over 300K Followers

Instagram Account Featuring ‘Hot Dudes Reading’ Attracts over 300K Followers

News by Raine Winters
Anonymous New York City residents have garnered popularity through photos of cute men reading on the subway.

How to Make Sweet, Sweet Love to your Books

Column by Phil Jourdan February 11, 2015
Stop saying you love reading, and start loving the books themselves — in a creepy, relationship-y way.

To Read or Re-Read: That Is The Question

Column by Leah Rhyne January 6, 2015
Do you read? Or do you re-read? There are benefits to both...and pitfalls, too...

Lessons From My Grandmother

Column by Christine J. Schmidt November 19, 2014
Reading runs in the family.

7 Things To Expect When You Date A Reader

Column by Christine J. Schmidt November 7, 2014
Readers are wonderful people, but there's a few things you should know before you date one.

Locked Up: Books For My Father

Column by Peter Derk October 14, 2014
An article in which a son decides whether he should send books to his estranged, imprisoned father.

Let's Talk Literature: 6 Books That Are Great Conversation Starters

Column by Christine J. Schmidt August 25, 2014
Reading these books in public has been linked to newfound literary friendships.

The Perils of Reading in Public

Column by Daniel Hope August 5, 2014
Reading in public is a risky endeavor, because there's no way to tell who's going to interrupt you.

Culling Your To-Be-Read List

Column by Peter Derk July 3, 2014
Simple steps to tame the beast that is your to-read list.

An Open Letter to the Guy Reading 'A Game of Thrones' While Driving

Column by Daniel Hope June 27, 2014
An open letter to the guy who flew by me on the freeway with 'A Game of Thrones' laying across his steering wheel. That was a dumb thing to do, but I get it.

Book Breakup: Tell The Story, Break Up With A Bad Book

Column by Peter Derk May 15, 2014
Is it time to break up with that book you've been slogging through? Let me help.
Events, News, Reading, Tom Spanbauer

Tom Spanbauer Reading In NYC On May 13

News by Rob Hart
In a rare East Cost appearance, Tom Spanbauer will read from his latest novel, 'I Loved You More,' at The LGBT Center in Chelsea.

5 Reasons I'll Never Buy A Kindle: Lamentations of a Book-Loving Luddite

Column by Naturi Thomas-Millard February 18, 2014
eReaders isolate us, impoverish our lives, and are like going on a date with Dan Brown. Allow me to explain...

Respecting Ideals: Reading vs Watching

Column by John Jarzemsky September 18, 2013
With all the hubbub about respecting the space in which we consume movies, why hasn't the same argument been made about books?
Bedtime Story

Most UK Parents Don't Read Bedtime Stories To Their Kids, Survey Asserts

News by Christopher Shultz September 13, 2013
Of the 2000 moms polled, only 64% engaged in the nightly practice. Despite a knee-jerk tendency to judge, this doesn't make them bad parents.

5 Other Things You Shouldn't Say to Authors

Column by Brandon Tietz September 13, 2013
Our list of things you shouldn't say to authors extends in this second installment.
Hudson Falls Public Library

Librarian Chastises 9 Year-Old Kid For Reading Too Much

News by Christopher Shultz August 20, 2013
Accusations of "hogging" the library's annual reading contest abound.

5 Things You Shouldn't Say to Authors

Column by Brandon Tietz July 30, 2013
Five faux pas you should avoid while speaking with an author. Hey, we don't walk into where you work and say your job looks easy.

5 Dramatists as Novelists: The Joy of Reading Plays

Column by Christopher Shultz May 14, 2013
People go to the physical theatre all the time, but how often do you indulge the theatre in your mind? Here are some playwrights that blur the boundaries between drama and literature.

6 Tips on Reading to Train the Writer's Eye

Column by Rob Blair Young April 17, 2013
This article goes beyond simply reading, exploring ways you can maximize your learning experience with every piece you encounter.

Reading With Purpose: Four Reasons Every Writer Should Join a Book Club

Column by Christopher Shultz April 16, 2013
As bookish people, writers will enjoy the variety, lively discussions, and opportunities for critical thinking that book clubs offer.
David Risher Worldleader Org eBooks

Former Amazon Executive Launches Free eBooks App For Underdeveloped Countries

News by Christopher Shultz April 10, 2013
David Risher's Worldreader Organization believes everyone should have access to free books, and now he's made it even easier for those in need to get them.

You Are What You Read: The Nutritionist's Guide to Readers

Column by Cath Murphy April 9, 2013
We have lots of words to describe the way people eat food, but not for how they consume books. What if we were to apply dietary descriptors to reading?