The Value of Stories Without Romance

Column by Karis Rogerson
Just like life, a story doesn't require romance to be fulfilling.

Why 2021 Was America's Worst Reading Year

Column by Peter Derk April 5, 2022
We blew it, we stopped reading in 2021. But...why?

Debunking The Bad Science of Books and Reading

Column by Peter Derk January 12, 2022
Do books really make you a better, more empathetic, healthier person?

2022: Write A New Beginning for This Story

Column by Sadie Hartmann January 11, 2022
A new year is a blank slate. The story of 2022 has yet to be written. I asked readers and writers to tell me how they want to frame this fresh start.

Nonfiction Reads to Strengthen Your Relationship with the Witch

Column by Stephanie M. Wytovich, MFA
Nonfiction reading recommendations for witches, witchy writers, or writers writing about witches.

In Honor of Audiobook Appreciation Month: A Celebration

Column by Karis Rogerson
Writer Karis Rogerson celebrates her newfound love of audiobooks.

Displeasing, Offensive, and Bad: Three Tiers of Crappy Books

Column by Peter Derk
Displeasing, Offensive, and Bad. Figure out which bucket the sucky book belongs in and you’ll be closer to Reading God status.

Time is Arbitrary, But My Reading Goals are My Expression of Hope

Column by Karis Rogerson January 4, 2021
Karis Rogerson reflects on the past year and looks ahead to 2021, setting reading goals with the knowledge that anything can ruin her plans at the drop of a pin.

Creating a Reading System Helped Me Find Joy in Reading Again

Column by Karis Rogerson November 18, 2020
One writer discusses how having a routine for reading makes the practice more joyful and enjoyable.

Celebrating National Book Lovers' Day

Column by Karis Rogerson August 7, 2020
Reminiscing about great books and their meaning on National Book Lovers' Day.

How Many Books Will You Read Before You Die?

Column by Peter Derk
What if I could predict how many books you've got left to read in your lifetime? What if I removed all the magic from that statement and gave you some math?

Read Across America to Celebrate Literacy and Dr. Seuss

Column by Jessica Marie Baumgartner
A day for reading is something you've been needing.

I'll Never Read All the Books On My TBR — and That's A Good Thing!

Column by Karis Rogerson January 7, 2020
Karis Rogerson knows her TBR pile will live on long past her, and knowing there's a goal to constantly strive toward is an encouragement to her reading (and general!) life.

Ten Problems Only Booksharks Have

Column by Gabino Iglesias
The term "bookworm" doesn't cut it anymore. Here are ten things only my fellow BOOKSHARKS will understand.

Storyville: Reading Broadly to Write Better

Column by Richard Thomas
In order to write deep, layered, original fiction you MUST read broadly.

9 Things I Learned From Reading 45 Books At Once

Column by Gabino Iglesias June 4, 2018
I love to read many books at the same time. Here are some things I learned during an especially heavy reading period.

How I Revitalized my Reading Life Through Structure and Rules

Column by Karis Rogerson
A long-time reader finds a way to refresh her reading life.

When Reality Gets Tough, the Tough Get Reading

Column by Karis Rogerson August 9, 2017
A personal essay/reflection on how books can help you escape a harmful reality and survive depression.

10 Things Only Hardcore Bookworms Do

Column by Gabino Iglesias June 30, 2017
Readers come in all shapes and sizes, and hardcore bookworms are a wonderfully idiosyncratic group within that population.

Temporary Illiteracy: Life Without Books

Column by BH Shepherd May 31, 2017
What a severe head injury can teach you about reading.

These 4 Popular Reading Spots Are Actually Awful

Column by Christine J. Schmidt May 30, 2017
Your favorite place to read is probably terrible.

Tech and Product Round-up: February Edition

Column by Christopher Shultz February 20, 2017
There are a slew of new app and online-based publishers churning out interesting and original content. Let's take a look at three.

10 Things Every Reader Should Do in 2017

Column by Gabino Iglesias January 6, 2017
Everyone loves giving advice to writers. Now it's time to give advice to those who make it possible for writers to do what they do.

My Life Dumpster Diving for Books

Column by Gabino Iglesias
Reading is a drug, and some of us will do whatever it takes to get a fix.
Kindle VoiceView

Amazon Adapts Kindle for Visually Impaired Readers

News by Raine Winters
VoiceView brings a new dimension to eReading.