Donna Tartt Wins Pulitzer Prize for 'The Goldfinch'

Donna Tartt Wins Pulitzer Prize for 'The Goldfinch'

News by Sean May
Donna Tartt's epic tale of art theft and loss has won the biggest prize in American literature. Nonfiction works by Alan Taylor, Megan Marshall and Dan Fagin were also awarded.
Gene Weingarten picks story idea out of hat - literally

Pulitzer Winning Columnist Picks Story Subject Out of Hat

News by Dean Fetzer
An idea picked at random, Gene Weingarten’s new book ‘One Day’ will center on a single day in U.S. History.
Pulitzer prize for 2012 withheld

And The Winner Of The 2012 Pulitzer For Fiction Is... Nobody?

News by Rob Hart April 16, 2012
For the tenth time since 1918, the Pulitzer committee has not named a winner in the fiction category. The publishing industry is a bit nonplussed over the news.