Wall Street Journal eBooks

Wall Street Journal to Include eBook Best-sellers

News by Brandon Tietz October 31, 2011
The Wall Street Journal has made an agreement with Nielson BookScan to include e-book best-sellers, even the self-published ones.
Kobo Publishing

Kobo Is Getting Into The Publishing Game

News by Rob Hart October 28, 2011
Just one week after announcing their own tablet to compete with the Kindle Fire, Kobo is getting in on Amazon's publishing turf, too.

Using Social Networks To Build A Writing Brand, i.e. How To Whore Yourself On Twitter

Column by Rob Hart October 26, 2011
Social networking is easy if you want to tell people what you had for dinner last night. When you're a writer building a brand, it requires a little more thought--and a lot more dedication.
Matrix Librarian

HarperCollins to Publish "The Kings Speech" and "The Matrix" Novelizations

News by Brandon Tietz October 25, 2011
HarperCollins has just obtained the rights to scripts and tie-ins for "The Matrix," "Saving Private Ryan," and "The King's Speech." More Neo on the way? Possibly.

The Case Against Ebook Self-Publication

Column by Paul Graham Raven October 21, 2011
Ebook self-publishing is a cop-out, it’s a settling-for-less born of laziness, and - lipstick the pig as much as you like - it’s no different from the self-publishing of old.
Book Sales

3 of the Big 6 to Provide Sales Data to Authors

News by Brandon Tietz October 21, 2011
The Big 6 were notorious for making sales virtually unavailable to their authors, but in the wake of Amazon's publishing endeavor, half of them are changing their tune.

Storyville: Finding Your Voice

Column by Richard Thomas October 19, 2011
Embarking on the quest to find your very own literary voice

Authonomy To Actually Start Releasing Books... Sort Of

News by Brandon Tietz October 13, 2011
Authonomy, a HarperCollins project, announces they'll be publishing books, but is it really the kind of deal you want?
Amazon Launches New Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Imprint 47North

Amazon Launches New Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Imprint, 47North

News by Brandon Tietz October 12, 2011
Amazon continues their foray into the publishing industry with their seventh imprint, a sci-fi/fantasy/horror label by the name of 47North.
Millennium Trilogy Comic

DC/Vertigo to Adapt Stieg Larson's Millennium Trilogy

News by Brandon Tietz October 12, 2011
DC/Vertigo has secured to rights to Stieg Larson's Millennium Trilogy. Prepare for three years of graphic novel goodness.

Submit Yourself: A Submissions Calendar is a Smart Idea

Column by Hanna Brooks Olsen October 11, 2011
A submissions calendar is a smart idea, but it helps to know where to submit and who's accepting each month. In this column we break it all down for you, one month at a time.

Ask The Lit Coach: "Is It Possible To Get An Agent Or Book Publishing Deal Based Only On A Few Short Stories?" and More

Column by Erin Reel October 10, 2011
Pitching a book series and the strength of an author's portfolio are the subjects of this week's Ask The Lit Coach.

The Case for eBook Self-Publication

Column by Paul Graham Raven October 7, 2011
A hyperbolic exercise in Devil's advocacy for electronic publication.

Offline Marketing: How To Promote Yourself Without A Computer

Column by Brandon Tietz October 1, 2011
In an industry that is steadily shifting towards online marketing, there is still no substitute for the face-to-face interaction that is live networking. Here’s a few methods you might be neglecting.