Tennessee Names Bible as Official State Book

Tennessee Names Bible as Official State Book

News by Raine Winters April 17, 2015
What happened to separation of church and state?
Happy New Year! Here's Your Torture Report

Happy New Year! Here's Your Torture Report

News by Peter Derk
Melville House is publishing a print version of the recent report by the Senate Intelligence Committee, aka The Torture Report.
Authors Fight UK Prison Policy

Books Behind Bars: Authors Fight UK Prison Policy

News by Peter Derk August 5, 2014
A new policy about sending books to prisoners has authors in an uproar.
Hillary Clinton: Don't Call It A Campaign

Hillary Clinton: Don't Call It A Campaign

News by Peter Derk June 11, 2014
Hillary Clinton's book tour has launched, setting off a media nonsense-storm.
Paranoid Writer Mistakes Technical Glitch For NSA Tampering

Paranoid Writer Mistakes Technical Glitch For NSA Tampering

News by Sean May February 25, 2014
In an event that we're all sure actually happened, the writer of a book about Edward Snowden claims a mysterious hacker was deleting the words from his manuscript as he wrote.

The Pen and the Sword: Ten Books That Instigate Conflict and Promote Peace

Column by Leah Dearborn November 8, 2013
Books are not always innocent creations. Time and again, the written word has helped to both inflame and resolve human conflicts.
"GAYs: They Changed the World"

A Colorful Past: Gay History Book Stirs Tension In Russia

News by Nathan Scalia
Russian officials are demanding that the history book "GAYs: They Changed the World" be removed from book stores.
Hunt for Pablo Neruda's Killer

Hunt for Pablo Neruda's Killer Officially Underway

News by Christopher Shultz June 4, 2013
After his body's exhumation in April, new information has surfaced that may lead police to the poet's assassin.

Crossing the Rubicon: A Steve Erickson Primer

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky
A kick in the pants for the hemhawers, pussyfooters, and the uninitiated. Jump off that cliff!
New book puts Christopher Hitchens on trial

New Book ‘Prosecutes’ Christopher Hitchens

News by Dean Fetzer January 17, 2013
‘Unhitched: The Trial of Christopher Hitchens’ examines the writer’s politics - “in the spirit of a trial”.
Amazon Creates Heat Map Of Political Book Sales

Amazon Creates Heat Map Of Political Book Sales

News by Kimberly Turner August 30, 2012
Amazon's new map of political book sales is awash in red and pink hues. But why?
Controversial Thomas Jefferson Book Finds Home With Glenn Beck

Controversial Book About Thomas Jefferson Dropped By Publisher, Finds New Home With Glenn Beck

News by Rob Hart August 20, 2012
An evangelical author made up a bunch of stuff about former US president Thomas Jefferson for a book later dropped by its publisher. Glenn Beck will now release it. You're welcome, America.
George R.R. Martin Bashes GOP Over 'Voter Suppression'

George R.R. Martin Bashes GOP Over 'Voter Suppression'

News by Rob Hart August 15, 2012
George R.R. Martin wades into the debate over the Republican party's efforts at voter suppression--and stirs up quite a bit of attention in the process.
Marvel's Northstar To Get Gay Married

Diversity Hits Comic Book World; Marvel's Northstar To Get Gay Married Next Month

News by Rob Hart May 24, 2012
Marvel Comics will feature the marriage of Northstar to his boyfriend Kyle Jinadu in 'Astonishing X-Men' this summer--meanwhile, DC is planning to out an established character.
Orson Scott Card "Pro-Marriage"

Orson Scott Card Pens Editorial Supporting Controversial "Pro-Marriage" Amendment

News by John Jarzemsky May 8, 2012
Science fiction writer Orson Scott Card has written a column in support of a controversial "pro-marriage" amendment in North Carolina
Stephen King Says Rich Should Pay More Taxes

Stephen King Writes In Favor Of Higher Taxes On The Rich

News by Rob Hart May 1, 2012
The famed author wrote an op-ed that's lighting up the blogosphere, about how the rich should shoulder their portion of the tax burden. He doesn't mince words.
Guenter Grass criticizes Israel

German Author Guenter Grass Criticizes Israel in Controversial Poem

News by John Jarzemsky April 4, 2012
Nobel Prize winning author Guenter Grass has published a controversial poem in a German daily newspaper, in which he criticizes Israel for escalating conflict with Iran.
O'reilly assassinates Kennedy assassination

Bill O'Reilly Announces Another Sure To Be Controversial Book About A Murdered President

News by John Jarzemsky February 16, 2012
Bill O'Reilly announces plans for another book about killing Presidents. Terrorist watch-list, anyone?
Garden Grove Library

California Does Horrible Thing, Cuts Funding For Libraries

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen February 9, 2012
Hell hath no fury like a librarian scorned. But cash-strapped California is willing to take their chances, so they've cut funding to their public libraries.
John Hinckley Jr. Reads Assassination Book

Would-be Assassin Reportedly Fixated on Books... About Assassinating Presidents

News by John Jarzemsky January 25, 2012
John Hinckley Jr. is looking to gain more freedom, but two secret service agents observed some "odd" behavior in the past year at the local Barnes & Noble...
Newt Gingrich cut a respected scientist out of his latest book

Gingrich Cuts Chapter About Climate Change From New Book, Snubs Author

News by Rob Hart January 10, 2012
Newt Gingrich, who has been friendly to climate change issues in the past, has stirred up controversy with his next book, by cutting out a chapter by a contributor--and not telling her directly.
George W. Bush jokes that people were surprised to find he could read and write

George W. Bush Says People Are Surprised He Can Read/Write

News by Rob Hart November 7, 2011
During a speech in Kansas last week, George W. Bush said people were shocked to hear he was writing a memoir--because some people think he's illiterate
Occupy Book

Occupy Wall Street Book Due Out in December

News by Brandon Tietz October 27, 2011
Striking while the iron's hot, OR Books is set to take Occupy Wall Street to print.

LitRecapper: Courting Controversy In Week Three

News by Joshua Chaplinsky October 22, 2011
LitReactor members make their opinions known when it comes to politics, editorializing, and gossipy news posts.
Bill O'reilly on fire

Bill O'Reilly's On Fire

News by Brandon Tietz October 20, 2011
U.S. Troops aren't taking kindly to a donation of the new Bill O'Reilly book.