Hatred For ‘The Canyons’ Confuses Bret Easton Ellis

Hatred For ‘The Canyons’ Confuses Bret Easton Ellis

News by Dean Fetzer August 9, 2013
The film, written by the controversial author and starring Lindsay Lohan and porn star James Deen, has been almost universally reviled.
Another Trailer For Bret Easton Ellis' "The Canyons"

Another New Trailer For Bret Easton Ellis' "The Canyons"

News by Benoît Lelièvre November 13, 2012
Iconic writer and Post-Empire prophet's new film project, "The Canyons", has another new trailer. Again, nobody is really sure of what it is.
Bret Easton Ellis 'The Canyons' Gets A Trailer

Bret Easton Ellis-Written Film 'The Canyons' Gets A Trailer

News by Rob Hart October 9, 2012
The trailer for the "contemporary L.A. noir" is light on substance but big on style, presenting stars Lindsay Lohan and James Deen with a grindhouse vibe.
Bret Easton Ellis 'The Canyons' Trailer

UPDATED WITH SET PHOTO: Bret Easton Ellis Releases Trailer For Indie Film 'The Canyons'

News by Rob Hart July 19, 2012
'The Canyons' is written by Ellis, directed by Paul Schrader, and funded via Kickstarter. The trailer is evocative, but is it effective?
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Bret Easton Ellis Wants Porn Star For Main Role Of Mysterious Noir Project

News by Rob Hart January 24, 2012
Bret Easton Ellis is writing an "LA noir micro budget" movie for director Paul Schrader--and wants porn star James Deen in the lead role.