Patton Oswalt Plans To Finish Late Wife's Book

Patton Oswalt Plans To Finish Late Wife's Book

News by Peter Derk August 4, 2016
Patton Oswalt has announced he will finish the book started by his late wife, Michelle McNamara.

Patton Oswalt's Night Café, 'The Great Gatsby' and How Guided Reading Can Reinvigorate a Classic

Column by Bart Bishop January 27, 2016
How classics can be reinvigorated with guidance, such as Maureen Corrigan's 'So We Read On', her "personal excursion" into 'The Great Gatsby'. Contrasted against Patton Oswalt's Night Café concept.

Patton Oswalt's Night Café and the Script that Changed Joss Whedon Forever

Column by Bart Bishop September 23, 2015
A look at Patton Oswalt's concept of the Night Café, a room you enter and leave changed forever. For Joss Whedon, that room was his Alien: Resurrection script.