Returning to Live Events as an Immunocompromised Person

Column by Jay Wilburn July 5, 2021
As a kidney transplant patient, Jay Wilburn is immunocompromised. This impacted his life during the pandemic and impacts his decision about returning to live events.

Overlooked 2020: A Post-pandemic Roundup of Overlooked Releases

Column by Ben Tanzer June 29, 2021
Digging back through some of the lost written treasures of 2020.

Telling the Story of a Pandemic and the Future of Now

Column by Leah Dearborn
How do you write about the ‘now’ in a time of ongoing global crisis?
Brian Keene: A Look Back on 2020

Brian Keene: A Look Back on 2020

Interview by Sadie Hartmann
This year, I want to catch up with as many authors as I can and ask them about how they survived 2020.

The Scarlet Plague: Exploring the Historical Influence of Pandemics on Literature

Column by Jay Wilburn
Comparing the literature that came out before & after 1918, we may better understand how our stories might change following the 2020 pandemic & how we might address our experiences during this time.
Bookshots: 'The Blondes' by Emily Schultz

Bookshots: 'The Blondes' by Emily Schultz

Review by Freddie Moore
A satirical thriller that goes beyond blonde stereotypes.