Platonic Love Between Men In Fiction

Column by Peter Derk February 8, 2019
What's so hard about writing a relationship between a couple loving, intimate, affectionate, bros?

A Rose By Any Other Name: 5 Episodes of Literary Mistaken Identity

Column by Leah Dearborn
Sometimes authors willingly direct readers away from their true identities. Occasionally, however, issues of authorship and identity are more complex or decidedly less purposeful.

The Word Is Mightier Than ‘the Pen’: 5 Imprisoned Writers

Column by Ed Sikov
You think you've got it rough? Consider these writers, who landed in 'the pen', either for their politics or their writing. Or both. Or neither.

8 Undateable Male Characters

Column by Christine J. Schmidt
I'll read about them, but I won't take them up on dinner.

Do the Love Lives of Writers Matter?

Column by Leah Dearborn February 6, 2015
To what extent do the private lives of writers manipulate the perception of their work?
The Picture of Dorian Gray

Turkey Gets Uncensored 'Dorian Gray' At Last

News by Peter Derk
A Turkish publisher has released the first uncensored Turkish translation of 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' by Oscar Wilde.

Drunk Dubliners and Other Irish Writers Worth Reading

Column by Rob Blair Young March 17, 2014
Happy St. Paddy's Day! I take you through Irish literary history and show off some of the best writers from the Emerald Isle.

LURID: Victorian Psycho - The Picture Of Dorian Gray

Column by Karina Wilson October 16, 2013
On Oscar Wilde's 159th birthday, Lurid takes a look at 'The Picture of Dorian Gray,' his only novel. In turns chilling and beautiful, does it really reveal the identity of Jack The Ripper?

7 Horrifying Ailments Named After Literary Characters

Column by Kimberly Turner July 15, 2013
From ten-month-long sleep sessions to extreme vanity and homicidal jealousy, these seven horrifying medical conditions show us just how tough some of literature's favorite characters had it.

Would Jane Austen Write A Blog? (and other things writers probably shouldn't do)

Column by Cath Murphy November 16, 2012
Being it is NaNoWriMo, it seems right to look back at the great writers of our time and ask if they would have joined in, or laughed their asses off instead.

The Blagger's Guide to Gore Vidal

Column by Cath Murphy
No, he wasn’t a hairdresser. Fill the gaps in your ignorance and avoid embarrassing mistakes with this handy Blagger’s Guide to one of America’s greatest men of letters.
Oscar Wilde's Tomb

Stop Kissing Oscar Wilde's Tomb!

News by Brandon Tietz December 21, 2011
In an effort to stifle deterioration of the famous playwright's tomb, his descendants have encased it in a glass barrier.