10 Movies I Wish Had Novelizations

Column by Gabino Iglesias November 7, 2019
There are movies I love so much I wish someone turned them into novels so I could spend more time in the worlds they create.

A History Of The Halloween Franchise In Print

Column by Christopher Shultz
You can't kill the Boogeyman, either onscreen or on the page.
Interview with Hard Case Crime Founder, Charles Ardai

"I don’t need a second-rate Chandler. I need a first-rate you": An Interview with Hard Case Crime Founder, Charles Ardai

Interview by Max Booth III
Writing a novel in 27 days. Comparing novelizations to novels. What to consider before submitting to Hard Case Crime. Plus - Lawrence Block's lost debut novel rediscovered!

5 Screenwriters Who Wrote Their Own Novelizations

Column by Bart Bishop
A look at screenwriters adapting their own scripts into novelizations of popular movies.

6 Books Written By Authors You Wouldn’t Expect

Column by Max Booth III May 15, 2015
Sometimes you pick up a book and have to look twice at the author's name. The book is so outside the author’s norm, you just don’t know how to comprehend what you’re holding.

The Joy of Horror Novelizations

Column by Grady Hendrix September 22, 2014
Before the days of home video, there was the novelization.
Modernize Shakespeare's Plays

Random House Imprint to Modernize Shakespeare's Plays

News by Christopher Shultz June 28, 2013
If you love the Bard's stories but can't keep up with his writing, the good people at Hogarth have you covered.