Storyville: Horror Story vs. Horror Novel

Column by Richard Thomas
How do you know if your horror project is a story, novella, or novel? Some quick tips.

Brainstorm Your Next Novel with Fiasco - Part 1

Column by George Cotronis March 6, 2015
Having some trouble with your novel WIP? Not sure how to connect the dots or how to fill out that character roster? I’m here to help.

The Pitfalls of NaNoWriMo

Column by Christopher Shultz November 6, 2014
NaNoWriMo is a wonderful event for some writers, but a very bad idea for others. In which camp do you belong?

12 Vital Preparatory Steps for NaNoWriMo

Column by Rob Blair Young October 2, 2014
November poses one of the greatest challenges for writers: drafting an entire novel in one month. Learn what you can do now to increase your chances of success.

Storyville: Writing a Novel Without Plotting it Out

Column by Richard Thomas September 5, 2014
Tips on how to write a novel without plotting it out.

What I Learned From My Kickstarter Campaign

Column by Kelly Thompson August 6, 2012
Two weeks after a successful Kickstarter campaign for my novel, 'The Girl Who Would Be King,' I'm here to tell you about my experiences - what worked, what didn't, and a few things I'd recommend.
A Conversation with Chuck Klosterman

A Conversation with Chuck Klosterman

Interview by John Jarzemsky November 1, 2011
An interview with author Chuck Klosterman about his latest novel, getting started as a writer, and the future of the industry.