Notes from the Drunken Editor: Be Unhinged! or, Why You Really Shouldn't Give Up

Column by Phil Jourdan April 18, 2013
Never giving up in the writing game — REALLY never giving up — is an insane thing to do. Here's why you should try being insane.

Notes from the Drunken Editor: The Poisonous Psychos of the Writing World

Column by Phil Jourdan March 19, 2013
Do you come across as a crazy person when you talk about writing? Here's a short guide to the personality types you don't want to exemplify when you step out of your writing space.

Notes from the Drunken Editor: How To Fail and Why You Should Keep Failing

Column by Phil Jourdan February 20, 2013
We like to forget or ignore our failures, and construct stories about ourselves that emphasize our victories. But it is failure that helps us learn, and embracing failure is a rare thing these days.

Notes from the Drunken Editor: You Are the Joke Here

Column by Phil Jourdan January 9, 2013
How to avoid being a pain in everyone's backside in the publishing industry, now with 200% more jokes!

Notes from the Drunken Editor: Forging Your Own Independence

Column by Phil Jourdan December 5, 2012
How self-sufficient should a writer be in the publishing world, and how can writers develop that independence? Before getting a publisher drunk and asking him to spill his secrets, read this.