Why I Put a Book On A Gameboy Cartridge

Column by Peter Derk
I'll give you the "how" as well, but let's start with why anyone would do such a thing.

Video Game Flops: What E.T., Simon's Quest, and Virtual Boy Can Teach Writers

Column by Peter Derk May 27, 2015
Writing lessons learned from video games that over-quested me, threw me in pits, and made me someone's bitch.
The Massive Mario Movie Never Made

The Massive Super Mario Movie Never Made

News by Peter Derk
Script Writer Max Landis ('Chronicle') shares his 436-page script for Super Mario World.
Wii U eBook Store

Wii U Could Feature eBook Store

News by Brandon Tietz January 4, 2012
Nintendo's Wii U could combine books with gaming.