Ask Nick: Publishing 201 — Can I Break Out?

Column by Nick Mamatas
How seriously should midlisters take the pressure to finally write that breakout novel?

Ask Nick: Publishing 201 — Am I Spider Rico?

Column by Nick Mamatas August 2, 2019
Author, editor, and anthologist Nick Mamatas answers YOUR questions about writing and publishing. We're going beyond the basics.

Summer and Beyond: Upcoming Books That Should Be On Your Radar

Column by Gabino Iglesias
This has has been a great year for books, and the best is yet to come.
Nick Mamatas

A Conversation with Nick Mamatas About Lovecraft's Legacy, Writing Conventions, and His New Novel 'I Am Providence'

Interview by Rob Hart
Want to know where to start with Lovecraft, how horror differs from mystery, and about narrative flexibility? Then check out this interview with Nick Mamatas.
10 Questions With 'Love is the Law' Author Nick Mamatas

10 Questions With 'Love is the Law' Author Nick Mamatas

Interview by Paul Tremblay
Paul Tremblay hits Nick Mamatas with LitReactor's patent-pending 10 Questions! Find out why Mamatas thinks catharsis doesn't exist for authors and brand-building is bullshit.

Let's Face It, We All Live In The Same Creative Ghetto

Column by Keith Rawson May 21, 2013
Genre vs. literary. Tuh-mey-toh vs Tuh-mah-toh. Isn't it time writers just knocked off the crap and acknowledged we all live in the same creative ghetto?