A Demigod’s Guide to Defining the New Normal

Column by Amanda Bender
Rick Riordan's announcement that Percy Jackson will be getting his own Disney+ series comes at moment when we are struggling to leave the old world behind and fight for a better one.

10 Of The Most Memorable Fictional Snakes

Column by Christopher Shultz February 3, 2020
Celebrate National Serpent Day with these ten noodly sneks.

13 Novels Set in the World of Myth

Column by Steph Post January 22, 2019
Thirteen modern novels which feature mythological settings and elements.

5 Horrifying Monsters That Aren't Vampires, Zombies or Werewolves!

Column by Repo Kempt
Editors are tired of their slush piles being haunted by vampires, werewolves and zombies. Here's five horrifying new monsters dying to claw their way into your next submission.

There's A God For That: Inserting Mythological Allusions In Your Writing

Column by Christopher Shultz July 16, 2015
Does your current project need a bit of intellectual beefing? Try a mythological reference...
Bookshots: 'Fifteen Dogs' by Andre Alexis

Bookshots: 'Fifteen Dogs' by Andre Alexis

Review by Ed Sikov
A brilliant new novel in which dogs receive the gift and curse of human intelligence.
Bookshots: 'The Poetic Edda' translated by Jeramy Dodds

Bookshots: 'The Poetic Edda' translated by Jeramy Dodds

Review by Brian McGackin December 11, 2014
Norse gods! Epic heroes! Fart jokes!

Monster Mash: 6 Underrated Creatures For Hire

Column by Leah Dearborn October 29, 2014
Tired of vapid vampires? Bored of less than zoetic zombies? There are plenty of mythic creatures that are just crying out for someone to pick up a pen and write about.

For the Love of Monsters: Werewolves

Column by Max Booth III October 27, 2014
Shapeshift into a wolf, howl at the full moon, turn your local city into an all-night buffet. You are always hungry, always thirsty, eager to hump anything that moves.

An Abundance of Robin Hoods: How Social Bandits Defy Time and Culture

Column by Leah Dearborn September 15, 2014
Whenever a source of authority grows too powerful and begins to usurp the common people, Robin Hood-like characters start to appear in film and literature.

Magical Thinking and Santa Claus: How Holidays Help Create Writers

Column by Leah Dearborn
Magical thinking, including an early belief in Santa Claus, may play a role in how imagination and creativity develop.

10 Works That Blur the Line Between Mythology and Science Fiction

Column by Rajan Khanna November 7, 2013
In honor of the release of 'Thor: The Dark World,' we take a look at science fiction stories that draw on mythology for inspiration.

Magna Monstra: 10 Giant Monsters of Fantasy

Column by Rajan Khanna July 12, 2013
Giant monsters are a staple of the Fantasy genre. Here we collect ten examples of the best, most horrifying monsters from literature and film.

Taking From the World Tree: Mythology and Cultural Appropriation

Column by Rajan Khanna August 28, 2012
Mythology has long been a source of ideas and inspiration for fantasy fiction. But when and where does drawing from these myths cross the line into cultural appropriation? Should it be avoided?