7 Reasons You Should Actually Read Moby-Dick

Column by Annie Neugebauer
The classic novel that few have actually read, "Moby-Dick" is truly worth your time. Here are 7 reasons why.

Why 'Moby-Dick' Matters

Column by Ed Sikov February 23, 2016
On his fourth go-round with this American Lit classic, Ed Sikov finds – to his surprise – that he needs the help of a Melville nut to explain what it means and why it still matters.

Culling The Classics: Moby-Dick

Column by Brian McGackin January 30, 2014
Sifting through history, one classic at a time.
Kickstarter for Moby Dick Card Game

Kickstarter for Moby Dick Card Game Raises Over $60K in Funds

News by Christopher Shultz May 7, 2013
Call me incredulous—who knew a Moby Dick card game was in such high demand?