Rob Fromberg

Rob Fromberg On His Memoir "How To Walk With Steve"

Interview by Gabriel Hart September 8, 2021
Gabriel Hart speaks to author Rob Fromberg about his new memoir, "How to Walk With Steve," a unique proto-punk glimpse into life with an autistic sibling amidst matriarchal alcoholism.

Why I Write My Mental Illness into My Non-Fiction

Column by Karis Rogerson April 28, 2020
Writer Karis Rogerson answers a pressing question she's often asked: why share openly, through writing, about her mental illness?

Books About Mental Illness are Important, Especially if You Have One

Column by Karis Rogerson May 16, 2018
One mentally ill writer and reader on why books that mirror her experiences are so important.

Giving Yourself Permission to Break: Writing Through Depression

Column by Karis Rogerson April 19, 2018
A look at what it's like to be a writer with depression, and giving yourself permission to not be okay.

When Reality Gets Tough, the Tough Get Reading

Column by Karis Rogerson August 9, 2017
A personal essay/reflection on how books can help you escape a harmful reality and survive depression.

Writing the Crime Scene: Mental Illness

Column by Repo Kempt May 10, 2017
Psychopathic kilers, depressed cops and neurotic detectives. Mental illness is a recurring staple of crime fiction. Here's a guide to doing your research and getting the details right.

Happy Birthday, Anne Sexton

Column by Leah Dearborn November 10, 2016
Anne Sexton was a remarkable woman whose work demonstrated the convalescent powers of the written word.
Bookshots: 'The Shark Curtain' by Chris Scofield

Bookshots: 'The Shark Curtain' by Chris Scofield

Review by Leah Dearborn
Hallucinations of Jesus, 1960s television, and a lot of dogs — 'The Shark Curtain' is a strange and original young adult debut.

Crazy In Love: Five Authors And Their Stalkers

Column by Peter Derk
Is stalking the 6th Love Language? Probably not. Authors and their stalkers.

6 YA Novels That Deal With Mental Health

Column by Riki Cleveland August 25, 2014
A look at six young adult novels that explore the tough topic of mental health.

Writing: An Outlet For Psychosis

Column by BH Shepherd November 19, 2013
How writing can help those who suffer from psychosis.
Philip Kenney LitReactor Interview

Writers and Depression: An Interview with Psychotherapist and Author, Philip Kenney

Interview by Erin Reel January 21, 2013
Portland-based author and psychotherapist Philip Kenney sheds light on why some writers may experience degrees of mental illness and what they can do about it.