When Reality Gets Tough, the Tough Get Reading

Column by Karis Rogerson August 9, 2017
A personal essay/reflection on how books can help you escape a harmful reality and survive depression.

Writing the Crime Scene: Mental Illness

Column by Repo Kempt May 10, 2017
Psychopathic kilers, depressed cops and neurotic detectives. Mental illness is a recurring staple of crime fiction. Here's a guide to doing your research and getting the details right.

Happy Birthday, Anne Sexton

Column by Leah Dearborn November 10, 2016
Anne Sexton was a remarkable woman whose work demonstrated the convalescent powers of the written word.
Bookshots: 'The Shark Curtain' by Chris Scofield

Bookshots: 'The Shark Curtain' by Chris Scofield

Review by Leah Dearborn
Hallucinations of Jesus, 1960s television, and a lot of dogs — 'The Shark Curtain' is a strange and original young adult debut.

Crazy In Love: Five Authors And Their Stalkers

Column by Peter Derk February 9, 2015
Is stalking the 6th Love Language? Probably not. Authors and their stalkers.

6 YA Novels That Deal With Mental Health

Column by Riki Cleveland August 25, 2014
A look at six young adult novels that explore the tough topic of mental health.

Writing: An Outlet For Psychosis

Column by BH Shepherd November 19, 2013
How writing can help those who suffer from psychosis.
Philip Kenney LitReactor Interview

Writers and Depression: An Interview with Psychotherapist and Author, Philip Kenney

Interview by Erin Reel January 21, 2013
Portland-based author and psychotherapist Philip Kenney sheds light on why some writers may experience degrees of mental illness and what they can do about it.