The Dreaded R-Word: The Goods and Evils of Rhetoric

Column by Taylor Houston
Seems like "rhetoric" is always in the news lately. And it's never good. But why?
VICE Writers Move To Unionize

VICE Writers Move To Unionize

News by Peter Derk August 11, 2015
It's the summer of digital media unionization, and VICE has joined the party.

Are Internships Valuable?

Column by Leah Dearborn
Is it ever reasonable to accept an unpaid internship, and how valuable is that experience when it comes to finding a more permanent position?

Faust, Facebook, and the Future of Media

Column by Leah Dearborn May 8, 2015
Facebook has been in talks with a number of news organizations over the past year. Instead of posting links to outside content on Facebook, the social media giant wants to become a primary publisher.
Superman Quits Daily Planet to Become A Blogger

Man of Steel Quits Daily Planet To Become A Blogger

News by Dan Shewan October 25, 2012
Clark Kent quits The Daily Planet to launch his own online news platform in new issue of DC Comics' Superman.
NBC Universal launches publishing arm

NBC Throws Its Hat Into the Publishing Ring

News by John Jarzemsky
Media conglomerate NBC Universal announces the launch of their ePublishing branch, NBC Publishing.
Erin Reel Interviews Some of the Team Behind LitReactor

Erin Reel Interviews Some of the Team Behind LitReactor

News by Dennis Widmyer October 5, 2011
This week, former literary agent, Erin Reel (aka 'The Lit Coach') featured a series of interviews with some key players from the LitReactor team on her amazing blog site.
Feature Story on LitReactor in The Huffington Post

Feature Story on LitReactor in The Huffington Post

News by Dennis Widmyer
Earlier this week The Huffington Post ran a feature story on LitReactor which covers all of our main features and reviews the site. Oh, and there's pretty screenshots too.