Deadpool Movie Banned In China

Deadpool Movie Banned In China

News by Peter Derk January 21, 2016
Deadpool movie banned in China? Good or bad sign?

Jessica Jones vs. Sansa Stark: Rape Culture in Entertainment, and Why We Should Talk About It

Column by Leah Rhyne January 12, 2016
Trigger warning: We are going to talk about rape, and our reactions to the loss of innocence vs. the thirst for revenge.
ABC to Air Captain America 75th Anniversary Special

ABC to Air Captain America 75th Anniversary Special

News by Emily Rose Lathrop
ABC will air the 75th anniversary special for the Star Spangled Man on January 19th.

Gather 'Round For Tales From Marvel's Holiday Specials

Column by Peter Derk
How do your favorite Marvel heroes spend the holidays? Beatings, cosmic inquiry, and impalement, of course!

Inhuman History: 6 Must Read Inhumans Comics

Column by BH Shepherd
Learn about the latest corner of the Marvel universe to be excavated for adaptation.

Who is Jessica Jones?

Column by BH Shepherd
An introduction to the protagonist of Marvel's latest Netflix adaptation, "Jessica Jones."

How Character Likability Kills Movies (and How It Can Save Books)

Column by Peter Derk September 21, 2015
Why does everyone have to be so damn nice? Character likability, how it's killing movies and how it can save books.

Deadpool's Greatest Hits: 6 Must Reads

Column by BH Shepherd
Now that the Deadpool movie is officially happening, here's a look back at some of the character's best comics.
Marvel Announces ‘Guardians of Infinity’ Series

Marvel Announces ‘Guardians of Infinity’ Series

News by Raine Winters
Don’t panic; the comic will still include Groot.
All-New ‘Inhumans’ Comic Series Coming this December

All-New ‘Inhumans’ Comic Series Coming this December

News by Raine Winters
Look out, Marvel fans—your favorite universe is expanding!

Marvel Movie Preview: Avengers 2, CapAm 3, and More!!

Column by Brandon Tietz
Want to know what's coming up in the new Marvel movies but don't want to wait? We've got some spoiler-heavy info.

Girls on Film: Marvel vs. DC

Column by BH Shepherd March 23, 2015
Superhero comics have historically struggled with portraying fully realized female characters. How have Marvel and DC treated their women in the transition from the page to the screen?
Marvel’s Female Thor Attacks Critics in Latest Issue of Comic

Marvel’s Female Thor Attacks Critics in Latest Issue of Comic

News by Raine Winters
After so much criticism on the new reincarnation of Thor, the comic heroine fights back.
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'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Trailer Is Here, And It Is A Thing of Glory

News by Rob Hart October 23, 2014
Ultron! Hulkbuster armor! James Spader! So much destruction! Looks like the stakes are going up. Way up.

Comic Book vs. Film: Guardians of the Galaxy

Column by BH Shepherd September 3, 2014
Guardians of the Galaxy may be a box office success, but how does it measure up to its source material?

Five Amazing Superhero Cartoons Canceled Too Soon

Column by BH Shepherd May 9, 2014
Sometimes being good just isn't enough. A look at five shows that never got to fulfill their potential.

Five Failed Attempts to Bring Superheroes to TV

Column by BH Shepherd December 19, 2013
While "Arrow" and "Agents of SHIELD" continue to make a valiant effort, let's take a look back at some of unsuccessful attempts that preceded them.

News Roundup: New York Comic Con 2013

News by Christopher Shultz
Get the condensed version of happenings at this year's NYCC.

It's Ladies Night and X-Men Drink Free

Column by Kelly Thompson June 6, 2013
A new X-Men #1 debuted to much critical acclaim last week, even though the all-female cast was a topic of heated debate early on.
Neil Gaiman Returns to the Marvel Universe

Neil Gaiman Returns to the Marvel Universe This Summer

News by Christopher Shultz March 25, 2013
The author will write one issue for two separate series, each featuring one of his popular, long-dormant characters.

Ask The Agent: A Look At Graphic Novel Submissions

Column by Bree Ogden January 7, 2013
Navigating the rough terrain of today’s publishing industry shouldn’t be a solo event. This week in Ask the Agent, I’ll explore and dissect a few of the industry’s graphic novel mysteries.

The Best Comic Books About Bad Guys

Column by BH Shepherd October 29, 2012
Like supervillains? Here are some of the best comic books about the bad guys.

Marvel NOW! - What Is It And Why Should You Care?

Column by Kelly Thompson September 28, 2012
What is Marvel's upcoming event "Marvel NOW!" all about and why you should care.

Start Reading Comics! A Beginner's Guide

Column by BH Shepherd
A guide to some tried and true methods to get you caught up and reading comics quick.