'Haunted', the Album inspired by Mark Z. Danielewski's 'House of Leaves'

Column by Bart Bishop
A comparison of Mark Z. Danielewski's book 'House of Leaves' and Poe's album 'Haunted'.

The Familiar Volume 1: Where the Hell is Danielewski Going With This?

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky May 13, 2015
And can he sustain people's interest for twenty-six more volumes?

I Hate You...No, Wait, I Love You! 5 Literary 180s

Column by Christine J. Schmidt May 29, 2014
These books redeemed themselves by being fantastic all along...

LitRock: 9 Odd Stories Behind Book-Inspired Music

Column by Kimberly Turner October 24, 2013
From Bowie and Devo to Anthrax and Mastodon, musicians have always been inspired by their favorite books. Here are some stories behind the songs, plus a literary playlist for your listening pleasure.
Mark Z. Danielewski

The Fifty Year Sword: An Interview With Mark Z. Danielewski

Interview by Matthew Treon October 16, 2012
Mark Z. Danielewski discusses his latest book, 'The Fifty Year Sword,' the art of visual storytelling, and his future project, 'The Familiar.'
The Fifty Year Sword Deluxe

Mark Z. Danielewski Unveils New Cover For The Fifty Year Sword, Answers Reader Questions

News by Joshua Chaplinsky August 24, 2012
Mark Z. Danielewski's 'The Fifty Year Sword' finally gets a US print run, complete with a fancy (kinda plain) new cover.
Mark Z. Danielewski  Giving Away 10 Copies of The Fifty Year Sword

Mark Z. Danielewski Giving Away Ten Galley Copies of The Fifty Year Sword On Facebook

News by Rob Hart August 21, 2012
Want to win a galley copy of 'The Fifty Year Sword' by Mark Z. Danielewski? Then get down with this Facebook contest thing...
Black Clock 15 Party

Party in L.A. Sunday: Celebrate Release Of Black Clock #15 With Steve Erickson And Awesome Array Of Authors

News by Rob Hart April 27, 2012
Do you want to hang out with Mark Z. Danielweski, Jonathan Lethem, Claire Phillips, Geoff Nicholson, Matthew Specktor, Anthony Miller, and Steve Erickson? Of course you do...

Post-Mortem: 'House of Leaves' by Mark Z. Danielewski

Column by Kasey Carpenter February 17, 2012
An autopsy of Mark Danielewski's 'House of Leaves,' a book you could teach an entire college course on.
Mark Z. Danielewski The Familiar

Pantheon To Release Mark Z. Danielewski's "The Familiar" As 27 Volume Serial Novel

News by Brandon Tietz November 21, 2011
Mark Z. Danielewski gets ambitious with his next project: a 27-volume novel entitled, "The Familiar."